Bahrainis denounce normalization of relations with Israel

“Bahraini Society Against Normalization with Zionist Enemy” in Manama, Bahrain, September 12, 2020. REUTERS

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The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will sign on September 15 the agreements to normalize their relations with Israel.

This gesture overseen by US President Donald Trump ends the Arab consensus on links with the Hebrew state.

On Monte Carlo Doualiya (MCD), the former opposition member, now in exile, Ali al-Aswad denounces a betrayal.


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On Twitter, Bahraini netizens quickly disagreed with

the deal with Israel

making the hashtag "Bahrainis Against Normalization" one of the most popular social media topics this weekend.

On Monte Carlo Doualiya (MCD), the former deputy Ali Alaswad denounced this agreement which does not reflect, according to him, the conviction of Bahrainis.


The people of Bahrain have always supported the Palestinian cause and firmly oppose the decision of the government to establish diplomatic relations with Israel

,” he said.

Within the opposition, we reaffirm our opposition to any contact with Israel.

We issued a statement to this effect, in which we emphasize that this act does not reflect the sentiment of Bahrainis.

Protests have taken place across the country and citizens are ready to continue and amplify the movement.

We will see in the days to come how things evolve because the government still refuses to allow citizens to express themselves freely and to denounce the decisions it takes


Since 2002, there has been a consensus among Arab countries that the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a sine qua non for a normalization of relations with Israel, which has occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967. Egypt and the Jordan, for their part, signed peace agreements with the Hebrew state in 1979 and 1994 respectively.

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