After each country's stock markets hit bottom due to the corona shock in March this year, the stock market is on the rise every day.

It is an analysis that individual investors, so-called Donghak Ants, have boosted our stock market.

However, voices say that you should be careful about excessive investments in debt.

This is reporter Deokki Yoo.


Mr. Kim, in his 30s, started investing in stocks in the first half of last year.

[Mr. Kim/Individual stock investor: Even if I put money in the bank, I can't make much money...

(The return on stock investment) is better than the bank's interest rate.

.] The

KOSPI index, which fell below the 1,460 line due to the Corona 19 shock in March, has continued to rise for half a year, rising by more than 64% compared to the trough of last March, based on the closing price of last week.

In the recovery and propaganda of the domestic stock market, individual investors who chose stocks as financial means played a big part.

Investor deposits, which are stock market funds, stood at 31 trillion as of the end of February, exceeding 60 trillion at the beginning of this month, nearly doubling in half a year.

The problem is that as the bull market continues, so-called'debt investments' are on the rise even though there is no funding available.

[Mr. Kim/individual stock investor: (In the vicinity) I took all the money with a negative bankbook and a credit loan and participated in the listing.

In the case of me, with a credit loan...


While it is estimated that the majority of the explosive credit loans are used by stock investments, the amount of money that individuals borrowed from securities companies for stock investment has nearly tripled compared to last March, reaching 17.2 trillion won.

[Kim Young-ik/Professor, Sogang University Economics Department: After all, in the long run, the stock price goes with the game.

(Currently) The gap between stock prices and economic indicators has widened too.] As the

economic situation is unstable due to the prolonged Corona 19 and the trade dispute between the US and China, it is pointed out that reasonable and long-term investment is necessary.

(Video editing: Oh No-young, CG: Ryu Sang-soo, Choi Ji-won)