Keizai Doyukai To establish "Future Choice Conference" after the convergence of the new corona September 11, 18:38

The Keizai Doyukai will set up a new conference where both labor and management and researchers will discuss widely about the state of Japanese society and the economy after the convergence of the new coronavirus, presenting issues for each policy theme, and sending it to the government. We have decided to strengthen our efforts.

Keizai Doyukai held a summer seminar in Tokyo for two days until the 11th, and confirmed the management policy of the newly launched "Future Choice Conference".

The future selection meeting is attended by a wide range of managers, trade union executives, think tank researchers and students, and should be emphasized in corporate management after the convergence of the new corona virus, the path to financial soundness, and diplomacy. We will deepen discussions on security and other issues.

By holding debates about three times a year, we will present issues on each policy theme regarding the state of Japanese society and the economy, and strengthen our efforts to the government.

"The policy proposals from the business community alone do not lead to the solution of complex social issues. We would like to show various options through the conference and show our presence in the national policy-making process," said Sakurada, the secretary-general of the Keizai Doyukai. ".