Chinanews client, Beijing, September 8 (Zuo Yukun) was established in 1996 on the 8th, and the “post-95” Nongfu Spring ushered in a bright moment.

  Nongfu Spring was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the 8th, opening at 39.8 Hong Kong dollars, 85.12% higher than the issue price of 21.5 Hong Kong dollars, with a total market value of 445.29 billion Hong Kong dollars.

  If the impact of this series of numbers is not big enough, then the more intuitive fact is that the listing of Nongfu Spring has made the top three on the list of Chinese richest "shocked".

  Due to the sharp rise in stock prices, Nongfu Spring’s founder Zhong Suansui's net worth surpassed Ma Huateng and Ma Yun on the 8th, and experienced the feeling of China's richest man.

Nongfu Spring mineral water.

Photo by Zuo Yukun

The stock price has skyrocketed, and the first one to drink

  Don't envy the flying Maotai, the miracle of the "new richest man" is in the canteen at your doorstep.

  In the arena of the capital market, there was once a legend of "the four men who never go public, the old godmother of Huawei, SF Express, and Wahaha" of the "head iron four".

However, after SF Express made an exception in 2017, Nongfu Spring, which was once reluctant to go public, also officially opened its own capital path.

  "For Zhong Suansui, the actual controller of Nongfu Spring, it is more necessary for the opportunities and wealth returns brought by liquidity after listing." Some industry insiders analyzed Nongfu Spring's "true fragrance" listing behavior.

Now it seems that the capital market has also given enough "face" to Nongfu Spring.

  As the “brightest star” in the Hong Kong IPO market in the second half of this year, Nongfu Spring has received a lot of attention and expectations since it submitted its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

On August 25, Nongfu Spring’s IPO was officially opened, and excited investors once "crushed" multiple brokerage servers.

  On the eve of the official listing of Nongfu Spring, the dark trading on the evening of September 7 was also very fierce. It opened at 33.5 Hong Kong dollars, which rose by more than 140% at one time and touched 55 Hong Kong dollars.

As of the end of the dark market, Nongfu Spring rose 104.88% to close at HK$44.05.

Nongfu Spring stock price chart.

  Under the attention of the public, Nongfu Spring, which was officially listed on September 8, reproduced the passion of dark trading, opening at 39.8 Hong Kong dollars, 85.12% higher than the issue price of 21.5 Hong Kong dollars, with a total market value of 445.29 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Although the share price opened higher and lowered lower, Nongfu Spring ended up 53.95% on the first day, closing at a market value of HK$370.33 billion.

  Some netizens concluded that the Chinese had three miracles: Maotai, the largest market capitalization on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Wuliangye, the largest market capitalization on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Nongfu Spring, where the Hong Kong stock market will become the richest man in China.

On the first day of listing, the low-key "richest man" went to work normally

  Speaking of Nongfu Spring, one has to mention the man behind him, the founder Zhong Sui Sui (same as "Shan").

  Unlike Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and others who are well-known, I believe many people don't even know his name.

But "Nongfu Spring is a bit sweet", "We don't produce water, we are just nature's porters" and other memorable classic marketing cases are all from his handwriting.

  Although Zhong Suansui is well versed in marketing, he is very low-key in marketing himself, and therefore he has won the title of "Lone Wolf".

Data map: Zhong Suisui, founder of Nongfu Spring.

China News Agency issued Liu Guanguan photo

  Even at the historic moment of listing on the 8th, Nongfu Spring did not stage a festive picture of the collective countdown to ring the bell like most companies.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Nongfu Spring, the company’s style has always been low-key. Zhong Sui Sui had no plan to ring the bell, and the company did not arrange any celebrations or ceremonies. “In summary, it’s just four words: normal work.”

  But the soaring wealth makes Zhong Suisuan doomed to be low-key today.

  According to the announcement issued by Nongfu Spring on September 7, the total share capital after listing is approximately 11.89 billion shares, and Zhong Suisui will hold approximately 84.4% of the total equity of Nongfu Spring.

Based on the market value of Nongfu Spring at the closing on September 8, Nongfu Spring contributed HK$312.5 billion for Zhong Sui Sui.

All kinds of mineral water in the water tank of the convenience store.

Photo by Zuo Yukun

  Selling water is already so powerful, and what's even more powerful is that Zhong Sui Sui doesn't just sell water.

  In April of this year, Wantai Bio, which was crowned "Friends of Women" with cervical cancer vaccine as its main product, landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The issue price has soared from 12.6 yuan per share, setting a cumulative record of more than 30 daily limit, and reaching 8 At the beginning of the month, it hit the highest point of 296.8 yuan.

  At present, the largest shareholder of Wantai Biological is Yangshengtang, holding 56.98%; Zhong Suisui is the second largest shareholder, holding 18.17%.

However, Zhong Suansui personally holds 98.38% of the shares of Yangshengtang, and finally holds a total of 75.15% of the shares of Wantai Bio.

Based on the market value of 85.2 billion yuan at the closing on September 8, Wantai Biotech brought 64 billion yuan of wealth to Zhong Suisui.

  Although his net worth based on closing prices failed to maintain the position of the richest man in China, with the opening of Nongfu Spring, Zhong Sui Sui's total net worth of 408.6 billion yuan (59.8 billion US dollars) surpassed Ma Huateng on the latest Forbes China rich list. (56.8 billion U.S. dollars) to become China's new richest man.

  Although it only took about half an hour, Zhong Sui Sui's "experience card for the richest man" was also quite exciting to pull Ma Huateng and Ma Yun "Two Horses" on his own.

A man who claims to be a "porter of nature" has become a popular candidate for the new richest man, and the power of nature is infinite!

Cheats for "porters" to make a fortune, sell water

for two yuan and earn one and two

  For only two dollars, you can feel the joy of the richest man in any supermarket store.

But the water for two yuan is gone, why didn't others become the richest man?

  In the 468-page prospectus of Nongfu Spring, the amazing gross profit margin is impressive.

In 2019, the gross profit margin of Nongfu Spring’s packaged drinking water was as high as 60.2%.

In other words, for a bottle of mineral water priced at 2 yuan, Nongfu Spring can earn 1.2 yuan.

Source: Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd. Hong Kong IPO prospectus.

  "Bottled water's gross profit margin in the beverage industry in recent years has been higher than the average level. From 2012 to 2014, the gross profit margin has been higher than 30% for three consecutive years." China Commercial Industry Research Institute issued "2015-2020 China Bottled Water Market "Investigation and Investment Consulting Report" shows.

Bottled water is generally recognized as a "great profit" industry, and Nongfu Spring’s gross profit has doubled the average.

  In the prospectus, Nongfu Spring listed its water source resources as one of the reasons for its own cost savings: "Nongfu Spring has been laying out water sources since its establishment, and has the right to develop water sources earlier than its counterparts, and it revolves around water sources. It has created marketing momentum and widened the gap with competitors."

  But Nongfu Spring, who has already "handled the money printing machine", is obviously not satisfied with his business.

  "Why do netizens only think of mineral water when it comes to Nongfu Spring? There are many branches under his umbrella, and many drinks, like tea π and vitamin water, are really delicious." Nongfu Spring's prospectus It confirms the feelings of netizens: In addition to drinking water, tea and juice are also among the top three.

Source: Nongfu Spring Prospectus.

  It's no wonder that savvy netizens adapted their ad slogan "We are just nature's porters" into "nature's money printing machine."

  But it is undeniable that both water and beverages belong to fast-moving consumer goods with serious homogeneity. Nongfu Spring can break through the siege and walk its own path of differentiation. In addition to being good at marketing, it is also unambiguous in researching the product itself.

  For example, Nongfu Spring has been making sugar-free beverages that are hot under the current health-preserving trend.

Do you still remember the sugar-free tea "Oriental Leaf" that once became an Internet celebrity due to the polarizing taste dispute?

It has been sold for nearly 10 years, and is considered by the industry to lead the way for at least 5 years.

The sugar-free tea drink Oriental Leaf under Nongfu Spring.

Photo by Zuo Yukun

  From the unit price of two yuan to today's net worth of hundreds of billions, the new hottest candidate for the richest man counterattacked all the way. How many bottles of water did you contribute?