The Government plans to freeze the salary of civil servants next year, a measure that would be reflected in the draft of the General State Budgets that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez should have ready this September.

This decision, advanced by

El País

, has been discarded on Antena 3 by the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, but the third vice president, the economic manager Nadia Calviño, has opened the door to this freeze, remembering that both the officials and the pensioners

"have gained purchasing power in recent years,"

according to Cope.

"The measures we have put in place are being positive to protect companies and workers, but they have a high cost from a fiscal point of view. Officials and pensioners are important groups for the economy to recover. Right now we are assembling the architecture of Budgets and decisions will be made taking into account a multiplicity of factors, but the main objective is to boost economic growth and create jobs, "said the Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Calvo has leaned towards maintaining the increases, linked today to the CPI: "No, it is not on the table to freeze the salary of civil servants.

What there is is a budget proposal

that wants to have the support of all political parties. We need budgets because EU aid is coming and we need to combine, combine, with our accounts. "

The CSIF union has reacted sharply this Thursday morning.

"We will not accept cuts: we carry a loss of purchasing power of between 12.9 and 17.9 percent since 2010."

The most representative union in public administrations believes that public employees, "the people who have guaranteed the opening of schools, who attend us in health centers and hospitals, who with so many difficulties attend benefits such as ERTE or Minimum Income Vital, they

do not deserve a unilateral measure of this type, nor do they deserve to be treated with probe balloons

. "

Therefore, this union has announced that today it will ask to open "now a negotiation" with the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function led by Carolina Darias.

Calviño's note on how officials "have gained purchasing power" refers to the improvement in their salaries since 2018, after years of cuts and containment, while inflation is attenuated, with a negative CPI as a result of the impact of the coronavirus .

Trim and subsequent recovery

The previous financial crisis, in the time of

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, led to a salary reduction

of between 5% and 7% for civil servants, a decreased level that was maintained in the following years, already with Mariano Rajoy, which led to their removal the Christmas bonus.

In 2018, the PP agreed with the workers' representatives on a salary recovery from then until 2020, a decision that was part of the attempts of that Executive to bring the PNV closer to support the Budgets, which are still in force today.

That year, the salary of civil servants increased by 1.7%, on a par with the cost of living, but since then inflation has dropped and the purchasing power of civil servants has comfortably exceeded the CPI data: in 2019, they registered an

increase of between 2.5% and 2.75%

, well above the 0.7% rise in the cost of living.

For this year, marked by the coronavirus, the salary improvement proposed for officials was between 2% and 2.3%.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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