Keizai Doyukai Discussion of politics and economy with a view to the convergence of corona September 10 18:47

The Keizai Doyukai Summer Seminar was held in Tokyo to discuss the politics and economics of the new coronavirus with a view to its convergence.

There was a series of opinions from business executives calling for a new government to prioritize the promotion of digital policies.

The Keizai Doyukai held a summer seminar in Tokyo for two days on the 10th and 11th, with more than 30 corporate executives participating on the first day, and looking at the convergence of the new coronavirus We discussed how we should be.

Attendees told the new administration, "We should promote digital policies and deregulation to improve corporate productivity and raise the potential growth rate of the Japanese economy." , Young people and engineers should be hired."

President Hiroshi Hirako of All Nippon Airways, who attended the seminar, said, “The Japanese economy is seriously damaged, so I would like you to make every effort to prevent the spread of the infection and make efforts to revive the economy. An international system that allows people to come and go with peace of mind I want you to make."

"The new government should put in place a growth strategy that uses renewable energy to realize a digital policy and a carbon-free society," said Nobuaki Kurumaya, president of Toshiba, who is the deputy secretary of the Keizai Doyukai. I was talking.