Heineken enters the Peruvian market with the acquisition of the local beer brand Tres Cruces, the Dutch beer brewer announced on Wednesday.

To support its activities, Heineken will partner with local soft drink producer AJE Group, which will take care of sales and distribution.

According to Heineken, Peru has a consumption of 14 million hectoliters per year.

The Peruvian capital Lima has a 40 percent share of the local beer consumption.

By comparison, Heineken sold 13.4 million hectoliters of its own brand in the Americas last year.

The brewer mainly sees opportunities in the higher segment, as more expensive types of beer have a 4 percent share of Peruvian consumption.

Heineken is active in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, among others. In May 2019, it took a majority stake in the Biela y Bebidas de Ecuador brewery. Heineken sold a total of 85.6 million hectoliters in North and South America last year, making America the brewer's main sales area.