The deadline for fulfilling the obligation to dispose of existing homes by mortgage lenders, a key regulation of real estate measures issued several times since 2018, will return from next week.

Accordingly, banks and other financial sectors are also operating a system that enables them to see at a glance whether or not mortgage lenders have met the obligation to sell or move homes in earnest starting this week.

In other words, we are picking out those who do not perform, and initiating practical sanctions against them such as'recovery of loans' and'restrictions on loans related to housing for three years'.

Commercial banks, insurance companies, mutual finance companies, and Korea Credit Information Service have completed the establishment of a system for sharing information on the status of implementation of additional loan agreements related to housing, and will start operating from tomorrow.

This system is a network for gathering and sharing information related to the'additional loan agreement' signed in accordance with the'housing market stabilization plan' announced by the government over the years.