[SBS Special] Burin and Donghak ants: The financial technology of these days ③  

What is the reason that 2030 generations are obsessed with financial technology?

In the'SBS Special' broadcast on the 6th, under the subtitle'Burini and Donghak Ant: These days' finances', we highlight the struggle between Burin and Donghak ants to overcome the harsh walls of reality with low growth, zero interest rates, and soaring house prices. did.

The so-called panic buying era has come.

Panic buying refers to the phenomenon of proactively buying a house because of anxiety and fear of rising house prices.

As a result, many people are living in a world where their souls are drawn to loans to buy a house, and forever, they no longer risk their lives on salary, and investment is inevitable.

And this situation has brought 30s to the real estate market.

Accordingly, more than 60% of the trading volume in the first half of this year was found to be 30 people.

In response, the expert analyzed, "This seems to have occurred because of anxiety that you will never be able to buy a house again."

Accordingly, the government came up with 23 real estate measures, but house prices are rising every day.

A woman in her twenties purchased a studio with a debt of 300 million at the recommendation of an acquaintance.

Accordingly, this woman has to pay more than 800,000 won in loans per month.

This investment, thought to be an unreasonable investment, produced a profit of 200 million won in just two months.

The 300 million-dollar studio has risen to 500 million in just two months.

Thus, a man who saved 300 million won in cash but gave up looking for a house in Seoul sighed, "It seems that my motivation to work is low because of this. No matter how hard I work and save money, I think everything is useless." .

An era in which the value of labor becomes obscured and the leverage effect of investing by borrowing capital wins.

However, the 2030 generation was adapting to such a system.

The young people quickly realized that there was nothing to lose because it was obviously higher than the price they bought by collecting all the money.

Accordingly, the 2030 generation was investing youth in financial technology such as stocks or housing investments with confidence in growth.

A 26-year-old man who was caught by N spent 24 hours breathlessly serving as a courier service during the day and a delivery agent at night.

He can't even take a break properly, he said, "I'm saving money in this way to make a lot of money because I'm making as much as I do delivery as much as I do courier service," he said.

He explained, "I want to go to a floor apartment, but can't I dream if I have money? So I started to think about saving money."

And he said, "I'm thinking of ending my work if I save money to buy a building and then get a tax and increase my income every year.

In the first quarter of this year, the proportion of stock trading active accounts in their 20s and 30s was close to 50%, and the purchase of apartments in Seoul also ranked first in their 30s for 7 consecutive months.

Economist Hong Chun-wook was sorry for the millennials.

He said, "These days, young people come first with lament and questions," he said. "Because they are a dark generation who has been deprived of even the right to have hope."

And he said, "After a certain amount of seed money is made, it rolls and becomes a snowball. But if you don't make the first seed money by designing it firmly, it will scatter. In order to be strong, you have an unshakable mentality and how to roll the seed money. I have to study."

Jonghwan, 30, thinks the current crisis is an opportunity.

He rented a villa that he owned, and he was living in a semi-basement studio.

In response, Jonghwan said, "I'm doing body tech," and "I only need a place to lie down and sleep."

Jong-hwan, who enjoyed YOLO several years ago, said he had something to say to himself in the past.

"It's not Yolo, it's mortgaging your life," he said. "If you keep living that way, you'll be living in ruin even after you retire."

Also, he dreamed of a better future that this hardship now would be an act of raising his rank in a few years.

As the value of cash continues to decline, safe assets are drawing attention.

Accordingly, a man investing in silver drew attention.

In July of last year, he spent 10 million won to purchase all the silver.

And the silver he purchased made a profit of 67 million won as of now.

Having carefully planned everything before the start of the investment, the man analyzed data about 800 years of gold price fluctuations and created his own investment scenario.

And he said he was making investments according to his scenario.

In the process, I had to endure the unpleasant gaze around me.

This man said, "There was a lot of perspective that I was not making money by working hard, but by playing with money. Capitalism is basically going to be pushed out if I am still," he said. "10 years later, 1 million won becomes a different value after 10 years. Even if you are not interested, it would be nice to study and be interested in investment.”

A woman in her twenties, who is investing 70% of her income in stocks, said, "Capitalism is a fight against who quickly realizes," and said, "You can't live with just a salary."

Young people's stock investment is taking place simultaneously in the US, Japan, and China.

In response, an expert analyzed, "Since the coronavirus incident, the asset market shock has dramatically increased the supply of liquidity. There is a side that has laid the foundation for the effects of increasing market liquidity."

As the propaganda of Donghak ants was reported, the situation reached 16 trillion in investment by dragging debt.

One man lost 80 million won in three months at this time.

He said, "When I do stocks, I forget my main business. I couldn't concentrate on my business because I thought that I had more stocks than start-ups. So, I lost my business for two years, and eventually closed my business."

In addition, he advised Donghak ants, "If you pursue risky investments to go on a fast path, the result will not be good. You should prepare enough and prepare to stand up again." "And those who are hesitant to invest should not invest." I also sat down forgotten.

There are many houses, but there was no time when it was easy to buy a house.

The same was true for the 20 billion asset price.

Kim Jung-hwan, an individual investor with 20 billion assets in super ants, said that he lived a more desperate life than others, thinking that the only way to obtain the freedom he wants is to invest in stocks.

And he recently started a live broadcast for Donghak ants.

Analyzing today's market conditions, he was communicating with the younger generation.

He said, "I think young people who want to gain economic freedom in the face of soaring real estate prices and job difficulties are investing in anger because they cannot become rich by paying only a salary at work. I think they are holding the last link with anxiety." Said about them.

In addition, he said, "These days the generation is quick to learn. It is a generation that has learned a lot, so it grows amazingly because it is quickly learned. Once the money is solved, it will expand terribly. In the early stages of expansion, young people came in well at the beginning. We found good companies and invested in them. If you do, the rich people of new humanity will come out."

Economist Hong Chun-wook said, "Don't think it's the last and don't need to be nervous. Just because you missed the last train doesn't mean the bus doesn't come again. If you wait, you'll come again the next day." Yes. No, I can invest longer,” he urged not to lose hope.  

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