9 pieces of chicken drumsticks in foreign fast food, 9 fresh platform three yellow chicken buy one get two free

  Where did the big promotion come from this wave of "eating chicken" market?

  Labao only costs 9 yuan, and three chicken wings only costs 9 yuan?

Recently, fast-food giants have fought a sales promotion battle, and large-scale promotions such as half-price and 40% off frequently appeared.

However, many consumers have also found that many of the products participating in the promotion are chicken products.

Not only fast food giants, but also the most popular grocery shopping platforms today use heavily promoted chicken products to attract new customers.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that merchants’ promotion is to stimulate consumption recovery, but the reason for using chicken as a “top soldier” is that its price has dropped by nearly 30% within a year.


  Online and offline promotion of chicken products

  "Buy one and get two of the same item, a total of 49.9 yuan." Don't think that this is a live-streaming routine, but on September 4th, the frozen three-yellow chicken promotion activity on the Jingdong platform.

From about 800 reviews under this link, it appears that the merchants have been promoting sales since last month, and they have indeed achieved "the original price of one can now be bought for three."

Calculated according to the net weight of the package, such a frozen three-yellow chicken is equivalent to less than 12 yuan per 500 grams.

  This is not just a “tear sale” of a merchant. In fact, since the beginning of summer, many consumers who often purchase ingredients have found that whether it is a physical supermarket or an online grocery shopping or fresh food platform, the most frequent promotion It is poultry commodities.

"Previously, chicken drumsticks were given when recruiting new members. Today's most valuable member activity is chicken wings with almost half discount." A citizen said.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily has seen on multiple platforms such as JD Daojia, Meituan Maicai, Dingdong Maicai, etc., among all fresh meat, poultry products have become the most promoted category of all kinds of fresh products. .

Not only that, in some physical supermarkets, chicken products are frequently discounted, especially chicken wing products that are more consumed in Beijing in summer.

In Yonghui Supermarket, the price of frozen chicken wings has been maintained for a period of time on the basis of 60 to 70% off.

  Even takeaways who don’t cook their own meals have recently discovered that whether it’s KFC, McDonald’s or Burger King, there are constant promotions.

First is the McDonald’s 88 Golden Noodle Festival, and then KFC’s tribute to the original chicken for 70 years. Both chicken products take the lead: McDonald’s has a piece of McDonald’s chicken wings equivalent to 3.3 yuan, and KFC has a golden chicken nugget equivalent to more than 1 yuan; McDonald’s There is a plate roast chicken leg burger for 5 yuan each, KFC has old Beijing chicken rolls that are less than 10 yuan per piece; McDonald’s has a 39 yuan fried chicken bucket, and KFC has launched a half price bucket of original chicken.

Among these fast food giants, Burger King, which has always advertised its products as fire-roasted beef burgers, has only one beef product among the half-price promotional items this season, and the rest are chicken products, whether it is burgers or snacks.

  Why are merchants selling chicken products?

The reason is that the price of chicken is low, and there is more room for price reduction of chicken products.

In other words, because of the low price of chicken products, it still maintains a larger profit margin than other meat products, so it is more able to withstand the decline in profits caused by large promotions.


  Increase in sales of listed chicken-raising companies and revenue decline

  "I didn't pay attention to it. I really think that chicken is quite cheap recently." For many consumers, the price of chicken used to be unlike livestock meat such as pork and beef. It either fluctuated significantly or kept rising.

The price of chicken is lower than other livestock products, and the relative price changes are not obvious.

However, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that the price of chicken was indeed cheaper.

  This can be found in the data briefings of listed companies.

  On August 10 this year, the July production and sales data released by the domestic white feather chicken breeding and processing leader Shengnong Development showed that its poultry breeding and processing segment chicken sales revenue was 901 million yuan, down 6.62% from the same period last year, but the poultry breeding and processing segment in July The sales volume of chicken meat was 87,800 tons, an increase of 11.76% over the same period last year.

  It is not only Shengnong Development that increases production but not income.

Jiangsu Lihua Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. sold 28,775,400 commercial broilers in July 2020, a year-on-year increase of 14.85%; sales revenue was 612 million yuan, down 7.13% year-on-year; average sales price was 11.31 yuan/kg, down 19.84% year-on-year.

Wen's Food Group Co., Ltd. sold 101 million broilers (including hairy chickens, fresh products and cooked food) in August 2020, an increase of 25.3% year-on-year; however, its revenue was 2.320 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.98%; the average sales price of chickens was 12.74 yuan/ Kg, a year-on-year decline of 28.87%.


  The price is less likely to increase significantly in a short time

  In addition to the performance data of listed companies, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the China Agricultural Information Network that the price of white striped chicken in Beijing has dropped from 18.06 yuan per kilogram in October last year to 12.94 yuan in July this year. The price has dropped by 28.3%.

Data from Zhuo Chuang Information shows that in the main Shandong producing area of ​​white feather chickens, the slaughter price is 7 yuan per kilogram, compared with the price of 9.4 yuan per kilogram in early September last year, the price has dropped by 25.5%.

  Regarding the drop in chicken prices, Gao Xiang, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information, said that this is mainly caused by frequent negative events on both sides of supply and demand.

Gao Xiang said that my country's white feather broiler breeders depend on foreign imports. Between 2018 and 2019, the import volume of ancestral white feather chickens has increased significantly.

At that time, African swine fever appeared in many places, and the price of pork rose sharply. Due to the relatively low price and short production cycle of chicken, it became a powerful supplement to pork.

This has promoted the demand for chicken to a certain extent, and drove the active expansion of the upstream and downstream of the white feather chicken industry, and the overall supply of chicken has shown a rapid upward trend.

  During this period, the imported white feather chicken breeders, according to the breeding cycle, its commercial broilers will be concentrated on the market from 2020 to 2021.

According to data from Zhuochuang Information, from January to July 2020, the number of white feather broilers nationwide was 2.786 billion, which is nearly 340 million more than the same period last year.

  New Hope stated in its 2020 semi-annual report that due to the two consecutive years of economic upswing, the poultry industry’s production capacity has become apparently surplus. In the first half of the year, the stock of ancestral breeders and parent breeder stocks in the country have reached nearly 5 years. The highest level.

Therefore, with the gradual stabilization of the African swine fever epidemic situation and the weakening of demand caused by the new crown epidemic, the poultry cycle has begun to decline significantly and faster than the pig cycle.

The prices of commercial chicken fry and duck fry began to fall sharply after reaching their highs in nearly a year in October and November 2019. By June 2020, they have fallen by 77% and 76% respectively. The prices of chicken and ducklings have also fallen in the same period. It fell by 25% and 31%.

As the production capacity of the upstream breeding poultry link is still at a high level, and the time for capacity reduction is long, it also means that the poultry industry will face greater pressure during the year.

  Gao Xiang also said that in early 2020, the epidemic caused a slowdown in market demand.

Fast food giants such as KFC and McDonald's have failed to return to their pre-epidemic levels, so the demand for chicken has not fully recovered.

In general, it is unlikely that the price of chicken will increase significantly in a short time.

Text/Reporter Zhang Xin Coordinated by Yu Meiying