(Service Trade Fair 2020) Working with Chinese counterparts to promote the recovery of the world economy into resonance

  China News Service, Beijing, September 5 (Luo Haibing) "China has overcome many difficulties and organized such a major international economic and trade event to work together with everyone to overcome the difficulties and jointly promote the development and prosperity of global service trade and promote the world. The economy recovers as soon as possible." Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the 2020 China International Trade in Services Global Service Trade Summit on the 4th, and put forward proposals on the development of global service trade.

  As China's first major offline international economic and trade event since the outbreak of the epidemic, this trade in services will bring opportunities and impetus to the development of the world economy.

Going with China and jointly promoting the recovery of the world economy has become the resonance of the guests and institutions from many countries.

  "Service trade is a world-based trade. In the Internet age, the world is getting smaller and smaller, and countries are now interdependent." Aqi, Regional Manager of Central Asia, Universal Industrial Information Resources Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "IIR") In an interview with reporters after attending the opening ceremony, Aziza Haydarova said, “I very much agree with China’s attitude of cooperation and win-win. Only by sharing resources and prospering together can we achieve sustainable development and benefit ourselves and our Offspring".

  Aziza from Turkmenistan has been responsible for IIR's Central Asia business for nearly 6 years.

In recent years, more and more projects in her business are designed by Chinese companies. "Whether it is a project financed from China or a project that a Chinese company uses as a general contracting project, it has a good reputation, and the number of these projects It's still increasing."

  "The whole world knows that Chinese goods are cheap and easy to use, and China's services are even more so." Aziza cited China's fast, convenient, inexpensive meal ordering and taxi services as an example. People like it in life or business management. Excellent service.

"The same is true for cross-border trade. High-quality services should be promoted globally. This is a mutually beneficial thing for every company."

  "Chairman Xi Jinping's speech is undoubtedly the highlight of this event." Glenn Penalanda, Commercial Counselor of the Philippine Embassy in China and Representative of the Philippine Ministry of Trade and Industry in China, told reporters after watching the opening ceremony online, "We are from China Both the government and the market have seen a clear and strong signal that as China opens up and goes global, the service industry will become another driving force for China's economic growth and another area of ​​cooperation between China and other countries in the world."

  "China is interested in cooperating with other countries in the service sector," Peñaranda said. "This encourages us to continue to work hard to make more Chinese companies understand what the Philippines can provide as a partner in the ever-evolving service industry."

  The Philippine Pavilion ranked first in the number of views in the area outside the Yunshang Exhibition Hall of this session of the Service Trade Fair.

"Even though the COVID-19 epidemic restricts travel and actual meetings, digital technology helps us continue to participate and conduct business." Peñaranda said that the Philippines and China have a long history of cooperation, and trade in services will further deepen the cooperation between the two countries. , To achieve mutual benefit.

  After watching the opening ceremony, Fu Chenggang, Chief Representative of Abu Dhabi International Finance Center China, said that in the past two years, Abu Dhabi International Finance Center has fully experienced and enjoyed China's superior business environment and world-class business convenience.

At this service trade fair, they came with two years of rich results, and they also came with the expectation for the future upgrade of bilateral service trade and innovative investment after the epidemic.

  As the national representative office of the Middle East region of the Trade in Services, Abu Dhabi International Financial Center and the Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee will sign a memorandum of understanding on innovative investment and international cooperation in financial services.

  "The Service Trade Fair opens a window for the UAE government and enterprises to invest in China and serve China, and for the Chinese government and enterprises to understand, invest, finance and explore the UAE and the entire Gulf and Middle East and North Africa markets." Fu Chenggang said that they look forward to On the basis of successful participation this year, we will continue to implement more projects to promote bilateral innovation investment and financial service cooperation to a new level.

  "We are firmly walking with China and working together to create well-being for the world." Fu Chenggang said.