Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu confronted with ever more upbeat protesters

Protesters marched again in Jerusalem against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on September 5, 2020. Ammar Awad / Reuters

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This week again, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem and Cesarea in front of the residences of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and also at crossroads and on bridges elsewhere in the country.

Clashes between demonstrators and the police also broke out.


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Protesters who force the protective barriers of the police: the scene took place on Saturday, September 5, not far from one of the residences of the Israeli Prime Minister.

At least two policemen were slightly injured.

Several dozen demonstrators were arrested.

A reinforced device had been put in place to keep

protesters opposed to Benjamin Netanyahu

at bay.

And this time again, for the second consecutive week, Hasidim of the sect of Breslav, ultra-Orthodox, came to actively participate in the protest movement.

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Benjamin Netanyahu corrupts everything around him


After eleven weeks, the movement is not running out of steam, on the contrary, as one of its organizers, Moshe Ben Attar explains: “ 

These are people who really care about what is happening in society. and in the country.

People who are really worried about the future, and who want another Israel, a better, fairer, more qualitative Israel for our children and our grandchildren.


For Yair Golan, deputy of the Meretz "dove" party and former deputy chief of staff, who took part in the protest, all this is happening because Benjamin Netanyahu " 

corrupts everything around him, his party, the right and everything. the State of Israel


The prime minister was indicted in November 2019 for

corruption, fraud and breach of trust

in three cases, a first for an Israeli head of government while in office.


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