(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Urumqi's express delivery industry resumes work and parcel delivery speeds up

  China News Service, Urumqi, September 4 (Wang Anni) personnel temperature measurement, vehicle disinfection, parcel sorting, courier brother returned to work and resumed work in Urumqi express delivery industry is proceeding quickly and orderly.

  On the 3rd, China Post Group Co., Ltd. Urumqi City Branch opened 86 postal business outlets for business, and 45 postal solicitation departments were operating normally. To ensure the smooth processing of mail, Urumqi Post moved the four solicitation departments to handle mail.

In order to ensure the rapid delivery of the backlog of mail during the epidemic, all staff of the Urumqi branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd. are on duty and work overtime to deliver packages.

  Guo Fuliang, head of the Red House sales department of JD Logistics, said that on the 2nd, 16 staff members of the sales department had arrived and started working.

"From the time the goods enter the warehouse to the completion of the delivery, six eliminations are carried out at three gates, and employees take regular body temperature measurements. At present, the system shows that there are nearly a million orders of backlog parts. It is planned to use 3 to 5 days to speed up delivery. At the same time, local The warehouse has also begun to stock up in large quantities to ensure that the orders placed by users can be delivered smoothly." JD Group Northwest Regional Public Affairs Director Mi Yaxia introduced.

  In addition, Zhang Yang, head of the public affairs department of Xinjiang SF Express Co., Ltd., introduced that 70% of SF Express’s current business outlets in Urumqi have resumed operations.

In order to ensure the safety of the express delivery from delivery to delivery, each link is strictly disinfected. Each outlet is sterilized three times a day. After the express vehicle arrives at the outlet, it sprays disinfectant first. After entering the outlet, it is disinfected by ultraviolet disinfection lamp for 30 minutes. Ventilation for 15 minutes before sorting and dispatching.