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  Chinanews.com client Beijing, September 4 (Peng Jingru) Long-term apartment company executives lost contact, the company's employee work group was disbanded, the tenant paid the rent but was homeless, and the landlord's rent did not get paid.

Recently, such a situation has been staged in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places. Long-term rental apartments will become the "P2P" of the real estate circle?

Long-term rental apartment platforms frequently "run off"

  On August 27th, a tenant in Hangzhou said that the intermediary ran away with the money just after a friend paid more than 20,000 yuan in rent in a long-term apartment.

On August 29, another long-term rental apartment nest guest in Hangzhou "run the road."

At the same time, the office of Shanghai Lanyue Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (namely Lanyue Apartment) in Pudong was also empty.

  In Chengdu, several chartering companies, such as Chaoke Yujia and Lianhezhijia, also suddenly lost contact, suspected of taking the rent away.

According to media reports, only two companies, Chaoke Yujia and Lianhezhijia, had nearly 20,000 victims of tenants, and the amount involved was about 300 million yuan.

  At present, at least the founders or principals of many housing leasing companies, including Shixiang, Haima, etc., have lost contact, affecting many provinces and cities such as Southwest, South China, and East China, involving tens of thousands of houses. Landlords and tenants.

On Weibo, a video showed that the property door of a long-term rental apartment platform in Hangzhou was locked.

Why does this happen?

  Huang Hui, a senior analyst at the Shell Research Institute, believes that the core reason is that the company's business model has some vulnerabilities and poor flexibility.

The impact of the epidemic has accelerated the exposure of the problems of the business model of enterprises.

  At present, most long-term rental apartments adopt a charter model, renting houses from the owners, and then renting out to tenants after renovation.

  "Renovation and operation require high cost investment, so the rental cost is high." Huang Hui said, "Moreover, long-term rental apartments usually sign a 3-5 year lease contract with the owner, and the rent will increase proportionally after the agreed period. However, in the face of market risks and changes, the rent must still be paid according to the agreement, which has brought greater cost pressure to business operations."

  "In theory, long-term rental apartment companies should'receive based on fixed income'", Huang Hui believes, that is, according to the housing situation to determine the rate of housing acquisition, to maintain inventory at a healthy level.

"In reality, some small companies are relatively aggressive in acquiring houses in order to expand their scale, but low rental capacity has led to a high vacancy rate, and corporate cash flow is difficult to withstand market risks."

Multi-regional associations issued urgent risk warnings

  Faced with the phenomenon of "exploding warehouses and running off roads" in long-term rental apartments, relevant real estate associations in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haikou, Hefei, Chengdu and other cities have recently issued risk warnings on the housing rental market.

  In addition to the risk warning issued by the Chengdu Real Estate Brokers Association on August 28, it also recently stated that it will carry out a special investigation of housing leasing companies.

  "In the name of housing leasing, these companies adopt'high-in-low-out' (the rent paid to the owner of the house is higher than the rent collected by the tenant),'long income and short payment' (the period of collecting the rent from the tenant is longer than the period of paying the rent to the owner of the house) The high-risk business model carried out fraudulent activities, which eventually led to the failure of the landlord to collect the rent and the rent of the room and the money." The Guangzhou Real Estate Leasing Association stated that it is necessary to choose leasing companies carefully!

How can landlords and tenants avoid being taken advantage of?

  The Shanghai Real Estate Brokers Association reminded that landlords and tenants should understand the market rental prices of surrounding houses in many ways during the entrusted operation or renting process, and be wary of the risks caused by the company's "high-in-low-out, long-term income and short-term payment".

"When a landlord entrusts a house to a company, he must be vigilant if the entrusted price is significantly higher than the market rent level; when a tenant rents a house, he must be cautious if the rent is significantly lower than the market rent level."

  The associations in Guangzhou, Haikou, Hefei and other places also suggested that tenants use the model text of the housing lease contract when signing the rental contract.

On Weibo, a tenant rented a house at a low rent, but found that the property company suspected an accident.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, told Chinanews.com that the announcements of multi-regional associations suggested a risk, that is, "the longer the rent payment cycle, the greater the risk."

  "This is also a new situation in long-term rental apartments in the past two years. In order to speed up financing, some long-term rental apartment companies often require tenants to pay long-term rents. This requires vigilance. Follow-up tenants should pay enough attention to the payment cycle And understanding." Yan Yuejin said.

  “When the tenant pays the rent, the payment period generally does not exceed 3 months. Avoid paying a large amount of rent at one time and pay the rent to the agreed account.” The Shanghai Real Estate Brokers Association recommends that tenants also Pay attention to check whether there are "rental loan", "rental loan", "rent installment" and other relevant clauses in the rental contract, and whether it is necessary to sign additional supplementary loan agreements.

Will long-term rental apartments become "P2P" in real estate?

  Long-term rental apartments have "run off" one after another, causing a group of tenants and landlords to talk about "renting" and enter a low trust stage.

"A variety of'P2P' like the next run?" a netizen asked.

  "In 2019, many long-term rental apartment agencies encourage tenants to use rent loans, and use the low-rent model to recover tenants' rent for one year in advance to expand the scale. There is a great risk. If the operation does not continue, they will use the method of running off. Much like P2P." said Wang Xiaoqiang, an analyst at Zhuge Fangfang Data Research Center.

Data map.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

  The sword refers to the chaotic phenomenon of the housing rental market. In December 2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on Rectifying and Regulating the Order of the Housing Rental Market", clarifying the loan period and loan limit of the housing rental loan business. Claim.

  Chinanews noted that in 2020, many places have launched new fund supervision measures to further restrict "second landlords".

  On April 16, Nanjing issued the "Notice on Implementing the Rent Escrow System of Housing Rental Agencies" and the model text of the lease agency custodial agreement, requiring all housing rental agencies in Nanjing to establish a rent escrow system.

  Nanjing stipulates that housing leasing agencies that adopt the business model of "high input and low output" and "long income and short payment" should change the rent custody account established in the bank to a lease capital supervision account, and set up a risk deposit matching the scale of operation. The relevant rents, deposits and funds obtained from the use of "rent loans" are included in the supervision account.

  On August 7, Xi’an issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Supervision and Management of Housing Leasing Funds in Xi’an City (Trial)”, clarifying that from October 1, 2020, the housing leasing industry management department will conduct daily supervision of special accounts for “custodial” leasing companies. Supervise revenue and expenditure.

  On August 13, Hangzhou also issued relevant regulations: Before September 30, "custodial" housing leasing companies should pay the risk prevention and control funds of the corresponding housing for new entrusted housing in 2020; for the stock of entrusted housing Sources, 30% of the risk prevention and control fund should be paid, and the remaining risk prevention and control fund payment time will be postponed according to regulations.

Is there a future for long-term rental apartments?

  Statistics from the Shell Research Institute show that in the first half of 2020, the occupancy rate of long-term rental apartments has dropped significantly, and the default rate has increased. At the same time, it is still necessary to pay rent to the owners normally, and corporate cash flow is generally tight.

At the same time, the management cost of leasing companies increased during the epidemic.

  Coupled with risk warnings and tightened supervision in various places, is long-term apartment rental still a good business?

  Wang Xiaoqian believes that the operation of domestic long-term rental apartments is still in its infancy, and there is no organization that has achieved profitability. However, through several years of exploration, the organization has a clearer direction of operation. Under the inclination of policies, there will still be long-term rental apartments in the future. opportunity.

Data Map: A corner of Chengdu City.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

  "In the long run, the trend of the long-term rental apartment industry will not change." Huang Hui is also optimistic about the future of long-term rental apartments. She believes that although the epidemic will affect the living environment of long-term rental apartment companies in stages, the long-term trend of the industry The trend of stable development will not change.

  "Quality housing is an inevitable demand in the context of consumption upgrades, and it is also the result of consumers voting with their feet. The driving force of this market demand has not changed." Huang Hui said that the epidemic will accelerate the reshuffle and evolution of the industry. Enterprises will gradually be eliminated, and industry concentration will continue to increase.

  "If long-term rental apartments want to operate for a long time, they must strengthen their own operations and protect tenants so as to increase the renewal rate and reduce the cost increase caused by vacant housing." Wang Xiaoqian said that the payment method should not rely on financial means. Reducing the proportion of "rental loan" payment methods is not necessarily a bad thing for long-term rental apartments.

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