It included 42 countries, mostly to India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh

"Fly Dubai" carries 153.5 thousand passengers through 1209 "return flights"

  • The carrier expects to operate 144 additional flights over the next two weeks.

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  • Mohammed Hassan: "We continue our cooperation with (Emirates Air Cargo) to connect China and the Commonwealth of Independent States via Dubai."


"Fly Dubai" has revealed that it has operated 1209 "repatriation flights" since the resumption of evacuation flights until now, indicating that these flights have contributed to the return of 153.5 thousand passengers to their homelands.

The tanker told "Emirates Today" that the return flights included 42 countries, most of which were to India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

At the same time, the carrier pointed out that from March to the end of last August, it operated 1,700 cargo flights to 49 destinations in 33 countries.

Return trips

In detail, the "flydubai" company stated that it operated 1209 "return flights to the homeland", which contributed to the return of more than 153 thousand and 531 travelers to 42 countries so far, noting that most of these flights were operated to destinations such as India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The company stated to "Emirates Today" that it is expected to operate about 144 additional flights during the next two weeks.

The carrier indicated that the return trips also included Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro , Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somaliland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

Air Freight

In addition, Mohammed Hassan, Vice President of Air Cargo at Flydubai, said that during the period from March to the end of August, the tanker operated 1,700 cargo flights to 49 destinations in 33 countries.

He added that "(flydubai) transported during this period 8,354 tons of air freight, in addition to 2510 tons with passenger flights, bringing the total quantities of air freight to 10 thousand and 864 tons."

"During that period, the tanker contributed to the shipment of large quantities of relief materials to needy areas around the world, in addition to food and medicinal commodities and other important products and goods that contributed to sustaining the supply chain and shipping perishable items," he said.


He pointed out that «flydubai» worked closely with its strategic partners to enable it to move goods smoothly while adhering to the highest safety standards set by the World Health Organization.

He indicated that the carrier allocated six aircraft for air freight, and then increased the number to 11 aircraft during last June and July with the growing demand for air freight during this period before returning to six aircraft now with the gradual return of passenger flights.

Hassan confirmed that the carrier continues to provide air freight services to needy regions in the world, including Lebanon, as it plans, through four cargo flights, to transport more than 80 tons of medical supplies, food and clothes.

He pointed out that "flydubai" continues its cooperation with Emirates Airlines, to form an air bridge linking China and the Commonwealth of Independent States through Dubai, which is today a global hub for aviation and air freight.

Revive the partnership

It is noteworthy that the two companies, "Fly Dubai" and "Emirates Airlines", recently announced the resumption of providing wide, smooth and safe travel options to customers, including 100 destinations through Dubai. Travelers have more travel opportunities.

Regular excursions

"Fly Dubai" has resumed its regular flights, starting from the seventh of last July, to 24 destinations in principle, expecting the number of destinations to increase to 66 stations during the summer season.

The carrier has implemented comprehensive safety standards by adhering to all precautionary measures at all stages of travel and in the airspace to ensure the safety of passengers and employees.

The carrier operates 1,700 cargo flights to 49 destinations in 33 countries within 6 months.

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