Record hot weather in August Air conditioner sales exceeded last year's "rush demand" at 3:59 on September 2

Air conditioning sales were strong at major home electronics mass retailers last month, which was a record heat, exceeding the same month last year when last-minute demand was seen before the consumption tax rate hike.

Of these, Nojima, which operates mainly in the Kanto region, said last month that air conditioner sales exceeded the same month last year by 30%.

Sales of refrigerators and washing machines for Yodobashi Camera were about the same as last year, but that of air conditioners was 40% higher than the same month last year.

In addition, sales of air conditioners for K's Denki also exceeded that of the same month last year by 14%.

In August of last year, there was so-called “rush demand” before the consumption tax rate was raised to 10%, but each company greatly exceeded that level.

In addition to the harsh heat, each company voluntarily refrained from going out and there were many people who did not pay summer bonuses for shopping but for shopping, as well as the 100,000 yen cash I suspect that it was also affected by the benefits.