Emmanuel Macron in Baghdad for discussions with Iraqi and Kurdish officials

Emmanuel Macron will make a one-day visit to Iraq after his trip to Lebanon (here, in Beirut, this Tuesday, September 1, 2020).

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After his two days in Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron is extending his visit to the Middle East: he will be in Iraq this Wednesday.

A visit initially announced only by Iraqi officials for security reasons and then confirmed Tuesday evening by the French president.


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With our correspondent in Baghdad,

Lucile Wassermann

Emmanuel Macron's first visit to Iraq will be a whirlwind visit.

Only a few hours according to Iraqi officials, during which the French president should stay in Baghdad, without going to Erbil in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

This is unprecedented and it is undoubtedly due to a


of the security situation in Iraq.

However, Emmanuel Macron should meet all Iraqi and Kurdish officials on the spot.

There will be many subjects to discuss because Iraq is going through multiple crises at the moment: on the health level, like the rest of the world, but also on the economic, social and political levels.

However, two files seem to be priorities for France.

First, that of the jihadist threat.

The Islamic State (IS) group has stepped up its attacks in recent months and at the same time the

United States has announced

that it will reduce its troops in the country by a third.

Paris is therefore seeking to find a new balance in the region.

The other hot topic will likely affect Turkey, which is intervening illegally in northern Iraq against the Kurdish rebels of the PKK.

We know that a standoff is engaged between Paris and Ankara in the

eastern Mediterranean

, Emmanuel Macron should therefore not fail to address this subject with Kurdish officials.

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