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You can buy a liter of fresh milk for about 10 yuan.

Photo by Zhang Xu

  Chinanews Client Beijing, September 1st, title:


The price war of fresh milk costs only five yuan per liter. Do you dare to buy it with confidence?

  Author Zhang Xu Xie Yiguan

  The price of pork has risen, so has beef, but the price of "milk" in "meat, egg and milk" has dropped.

In recent days, you can buy a liter of fresh milk for about 10 yuan, and some fresh milk’s promotional prices are almost the same as pure water at the lowest price.

Fresh milk starts a price war for only 5 yuan per liter

  At the end of June, Bright Fresh Ranch fresh milk (950ml) launched a buy one get one free campaign on JD. After placing an order of 6 bottles and 12 bottles, the actual payment was 55.52 yuan, an average of only 4.63 yuan per bottle, which is equivalent to about 5 liters of fresh milk. Dollars.

For 5 yuan, you can buy two 500ml bottles of purified water in the supermarket. It can be said that "water is more expensive than milk".

Screenshot of the purchase order for fresh milk buy one get one free promotion.

Interviewee provides

  Li Jing from Beijing has quick eyes and hands and grabbed 12 bottles.

"A liter of milk is less than 5 yuan, and it can be bought as water, not to mention fresh milk. What kind of bicycles are needed at this price." She was also a little worried. She placed the order on June 28 and received it on the 29th. It was found that the milk was produced on June 19th. It is not easy to drink 12 bottles within the shelf life.

  In addition to e-commerce platforms, offline supermarket fresh milk is also carrying out "fracture" promotion.

In the past, the price of a liter of milk was generally around 20 yuan, but now there are many varieties that can be bought for around 10 yuan.

  A reporter from Chinanews.com saw in a Wumart supermarket in Chaoyang District, Beijing, that the price of Yili fresh milk (950ml) was 12.9 yuan, and Mengniu Modern Ranch (960ml) was only 10.9 yuan.

  In a Yonghui supermarket in Beijing’s Fengtai District, the original price of 19.9 yuan Guangming Fresh Ranch’s high-quality milk was offered at a promotional price of 7.5 yuan.

Another Guangming Youbei and Fresh Ranch put together buy one get one free, the total price is 18.9 yuan.

Mengniu Modern Ranch fresh milk is currently priced at 9.9 yuan, and another daily fresh milk is also affixed with a yellow promotional label, the current price is 19.9 yuan; Junlebao's Yue fresh milk is also listed with a buy one get one free brand; end Dashan’s fresh milk price tag says 40% off the second item next to it.

Fresh milk is also on sale at Yonghui Supermarket.

Photo by Xie Yiguan

  In addition to large supermarkets, convenience stores are also following up on discounts.

In the convenience bee store, Sanyuan Fresh Milk is on sale.

Among them, 4.9% off for a limited time with the "Box 38" label, which is equivalent to buy one get one free, and a 6.9% off for a limited time with the label "Box 39".

The clerk said that Bianlifeng will have different discount promotions roughly every half month.

  "It's been a month since the price cuts. Bright and Mengniu are discounting them, but they are only temporary." A staff member of Yonghui Supermarket told a reporter from Chinanews.com that the competition for fresh milk products is fierce, so prices are reduced.

  Regarding the cause of this fresh milk price war, food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes: "Low-temperature fresh milk is a development trend in China. At present, consumers’ consumption habits have not been fully cultivated. Which brand can enter the hearts of consumers in the future? The repurchase rate will increase. So brands choose to lower their gross profit to popularize consumption."

Convenient bee ternary milk is discounted.

Photo by Zhang Xu

  "Due to the increasing consumer demand for milk, especially high-end fresh milk, this year's milk types have increased by 20% compared to last year. There are more than 20 fresh milk types, including brands such as Bright, Mengniu, and Yili." According to the person in charge, the price of low-temperature fresh milk starts at 3 yuan. Due to different product positioning and capacity, there are also more than 20 yuan. The mid-to-high-end categories above 8 yuan are more diverse and more popular with consumers.


Can you buy "high temperature sterilized milk" with confidence?

  5 yuan a liter of milk, cheap is cheap, but after seeing the "high temperature sterilized milk" written on the packaging box of Bright Fresh Ranch, some consumers chose to give up.

  On a consumer exchange platform, some netizens wrote down their reasons: "High-temperature sterilized milk, not pasteurized milk", "The shelf life is 15 days, and it is not pasteurized milk but also needs to be stored at low temperature. Why should it be something that does not slip away? I won’t buy it anymore."

Consumers are concerned about the loss of nutrients in high-temperature sterilized milk.

Comment screenshot

  The traditional pasteurization process of fresh milk uses low-temperature sterilization for 15 seconds, which can ensure the active protein content, and the shelf life is about 7 days; the normal temperature milk is sterilized by ultra-high temperature for 4 seconds, which extends the shelf life and almost all active protein is lost.

What technology is used in high temperature sterilized milk, and how does it perform in terms of retaining nutrients?

  In fact, high-temperature sterilized milk is a new variety, which is less than one year old compared with pasteurized milk that was born more than 100 years ago.

On March 1 this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation released a new version of the food production license catalog, adding "high temperature sterilized milk" to the column of liquid milk.

At the end of March, two subsidiaries of Bright Dairy obtained the first high-temperature sterilized milk production license in Shanghai.

  Bright Dairy has previously stated that the sterilization temperature of high-temperature sterilized milk is slightly higher than that of pasteurized milk, which can kill bacteria and miscellaneous bacteria in milk and retain some of the active substances in milk, but this is not the same as ultra-high temperature sterilization at room temperature. A concept still requires refrigeration.

The picture comes from the State Administration for Market Regulation.

  At present, there is no national standard for high-temperature sterilized milk.

Dairy industry expert Wang Dingmian told Chinanews.com: “The concept of high temperature sterilization is currently a bit vague, but it is certain that the higher the temperature, the greater the damage to the original nutrients of milk. Pasteurization is now used at around 75 degrees. It is sterilized at a high temperature, and the shelf life is short. If the high-temperature sterilization temperature is higher than this, it is naturally not guaranteed to retain the same flavor and nutrients."

  It is worth noting that the "Yue Fresh Milk" launched by Jun Lebao in November last year also uses technologies different from pasteurization and ultra-high temperature sterilization.

Yang Hongbin, Vice President of Junlebao Dairy Group and General Manager of Low Temperature Business Unit, once said, “INF 0.09 seconds ultra-instant sterilization technology, the principle is to let milk flow through the steam space in a natural dripping way at an average speed, and quickly heat up. Effectively kill bacteria At the same time, it can retain more active protein and extend the shelf life to 19 days."

  At present, this technology for extending the shelf life of fresh milk is still stuck in corporate standards, and has not been recognized by the country and has not been widely deployed.

Why do dairy companies bet heavily on fresh milk?

  In the past, the cold chain transportation of fresh milk has always been the moat of the industry, so the fresh milk market is dominated by local milk companies.

As the overall growth of the industry tends to stagnate, fresh milk is becoming a battleground for dairy companies.

  As early as three years ago, Mengniu started the nationwide deployment of low-temperature fresh milk business.

In April 2017, Mengniu formally established the Fresh Milk Division. In early 2018, Mengniu launched three fresh milk sub-brands: Fresh Yanxuan, Daily Fresh, and Fresh Factory.

Yili is based on the Harbin market to deploy the fresh milk brand Baiget.

In 2019, Junlebao launched Fresh Milk Yuexianhuo with a shelf life of 19 days, and the market radius covered by its products has greatly increased.

  Competition is intensifying, and the competition for high-quality milk sources is becoming more intense.

Especially in the south, the current production of raw milk in the south accounts for only 10% to 20%, but the demand is close to 55%.

  The two leaders of Mengniu and Yili have used their scale advantages to increase their milk source distribution in the south. Yili has more than 2,000 self-built and cooperative ranches in Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei and other places; Mengniu has increased fresh milk in the south through the acquisition of Modern Dairy Supply capacity.

The competition in the domestic fresh milk market has evolved from "regional competition" to "national competition" in which Chinese and foreign brands are fighting.

Mechanized breeding of dairy cows.

Photo by Yu Jing

  The financial report of dairy companies also revealed the growth and fierce competition of the fresh milk market.

  Mengniu's interim performance report shows that in the first half of this year, the demand for fresh milk products was strong, and the consumer penetration rate increased rapidly. The sales of fresh milk business increased by nearly 100% over the same period last year.

  Bright Dairy, which is based in East China, conquered the North China market in the second quarter, and its semi-annual report performance improved significantly.

  Bright Dairy's total operating income in the first half of the year was 12.146 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.52%, which greatly reversed the decline in revenue in the first quarter; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 308 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 16.09%, significantly narrowing the first quarter by 45.35% The decline.

  In an earlier interview with the media, Chairman Pu Shaohua of Bright Dairy stated that in the second quarter of this year, the sales performance of Bright's North China market showed double-digit growth due to the launch of "fresh pasture".

  In Zhu Danpeng's view, cold milk must be the future trend.

“80% of foreign countries are low-temperature milk and 20% are normal-temperature milk. Now, it is the opposite in China. Therefore, from the perspective of the dividends of the Chinese consumer population, this category is promising in the future.”

  Competing with dairy companies, consumers benefit, high-quality and cheap fresh milk, have you snapped up?