US Investor Buffett Announces Acquisition of 5% or More of Five Japanese Trading Companies August 31, 12:52

Announced that an investment company led by well-known American investor Warren Buffett has acquired more than 5% of the shares of five major Japanese trading companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation and ITOCHU Corporation through its subsidiary.
Mr. Buffett's investment destination has always attracted interest in the United States, and future trends are noteworthy.

Mr. Buffett's top investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, said it acquired more than 5% of each of the five Japanese trading companies Mitsubishi Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo Corporation, and five major Marubeni companies. Announced.

He submitted a large shareholding report to the Kanto Finance Bureau and said he is ready to buy more stock up to 9.9%.

Regarding this acquisition, Buffett commented, "Japanese trading companies operate globally, and their investment is long-term. We are pleased to invest in the future of Japan and major trading companies."

Mr. Buffett, who will be 90 years old, is one of the most prominent investors in the United States, whose investment destination is always attracting attention, and he held it in May during the spread of the new coronavirus. Also, it became a hot topic to sell all the shares of more than 400 billion yen in Japanese yen, which are shares of multiple airlines in the United States, as "the business environment has changed."