Service Trade will hold 190 forums and negotiation activities

  Adopt a combination of online and offline methods to carry out forum meeting activities; establish a batch of alliance platforms to promote industry development and release a batch of new technology applications

  In 2020, the Service Trade will hold 190 forums and negotiation activities. Among them, 4 summit forums, 134 industry forums and negotiation activities, 29 national and regional thematic events, 18 provincial and municipal theme events, and 5 evening events. The forum meeting activities will be carried out in a combination of online and offline methods. More than 30 online meetings will be held, more than 70 online and offline meetings will be combined, and nearly 100 online live events will be held.

  Beijing News News On August 27, the 2020 China International Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as the Service Trade Fair) held a forum to prepare a press briefing. Wu Lanlan, deputy director of the Beijing Council for the Promotion of International Trade, introduced that the 2020 Service Trade Fair will host forums and negotiation activities 190 field. Among them, 4 summit forums, 134 industry forums and negotiation activities, 29 national and regional thematic events, 18 provincial and municipal theme events, and 5 evening events.

  It is worth mentioning that in 2020, the Service Trade Fair will adopt a combination of online and offline methods to carry out forum meeting activities. There will be more than 30 online meetings, more than 70 online and offline meetings, and nearly 100 online live events. The CTSIT digital platform will provide online functions such as "video conferences, live video broadcasts", so that guests who are unable to participate in offline meetings due to the epidemic can participate in the meeting online, and can expand the spread of CTSTS and break through the constraints of time and space. , To achieve mutual benefit and sharing.

  Aspect 1

  High-level international guests from the main body of the conference actively participated in the conference

  Wu Lanlan introduced that the forum widely invited international organizations, governments, domestic and foreign business associations and other institutions to organize meetings. International organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Food Program, the International Banking Federation, the World Trade Center Association, the World Trade Network Alliance, and the World Tourism Cities Federation will focus on intellectual property protection, food supply chain, financial technology, smart interconnection, Forums were held on topics such as the creative economy and the restarting prosperity of world tourism.

  The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development Research Center of the State Council, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and other relevant national departments will jointly organize with the Beijing Municipal People’s Government the themes of "New Trends in the Open Development of Service Trade", "Digital Trade Development Trends and Frontiers", and "Service Trade from the Perspective of Multinational Companies" Facilitation” and other summit forums. The Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal People's Government will also jointly hold the China E-Commerce Conference, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will hold professional forums on blockchain, service trade standardization, information security and other content.

  At the same time, more than 20 embassies and business associations in China including Finland and Uruguay will hold promotion activities; more than 10 national associations including China Publishing Association will hold industry conferences and special forums.

  International guests actively participated in the conference. Up to now, 20 heads of international organizations including President Hedwig of the International Banking Federation, Secretary-General Norov of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and 10 ministerial guests including the Brazilian Ministry of Sports and the Finnish Ministry of Education will be present. Participation at the conference; 25 ambassadors to China including Australia, Colombia, Ireland, and Cuba confirmed their offline participation; more than 70 executives from 43 Fortune 500 companies and 20 multinational companies including Ericsson and IBM confirmed their participation; Lin Yifu, Well-known economists such as Li Daokui and more than 10 academicians including Wu Hequan confirmed their participation. Nearly 60 heads of overseas associations and institutions including the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the Canada-China Business Association confirmed their participation.

  International organizations such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Procurement Division will also send representatives to the conference.

  Aspect 2

  Focus on hot spots Nearly 20 forums focus on epidemic prevention and control

  Give full play to the platform advantages and innovation leading role of the 2020 Service Trade Fair, closely follow the theme of "Global Service Mutual Benefit Sharing", and focus on 12 major areas of service trade, involving winter sports, cultural services, financial services, 5G communication services, traditional Chinese medicine services, etc. 20 Organize events on this topic, carry out cutting-edge theoretical seminars, build a platform for government-enterprise docking, industry-university docking, and domestic and international docking, and actively promote the integration and exchange of service trade innovation theories and advanced technologies.

  Nearly 20 forums will be held on the prevention and control of the global epidemic, including public health and epidemic prevention, e-commerce war "epidemic"; on the topic of the Winter Olympics, 17 forums on the science and technology Winter Olympics, ice and snow equipment industry, and Olympic city development will be held; on the topic of digital trade, More than 10 forums will be held, including the Digital Economy Innovation Development Forum, the Global Procurement and Digital Trade Innovation Integration Forum, and the Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industry Ecological Construction and Development Forum will hold 7 forums focusing on the topic of new infrastructure.

  Aspect 3

  A large number of new technology applications will be unveiled

  In 2020, the Service and Trade Organization will organize a number of authoritative releases, and release the "Guidelines for the Recovery and Revitalization of Urban Tourism under the Impact of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic", "Report on the Recovery and Development of World Tourism under the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic", "Report on the Globalization of Chinese Companies More than 30 industry development reports, indexes and rankings including the 2020 China Ice and Snow Industry Research Report and the 2018-2019 Beijing Innovation Headquarters Enterprise List.

  Establish a group of alliance platforms to promote the development of the industry. More than 10 institutions will be established in the e-commerce, information, financial and other industries, including the online comprehensive service platform of the Beijing Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the China International Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Committee, the Beijing International Chamber of Commerce Alliance, and the small, medium and micro enterprise service platform. , To promote the formation of a long-term mechanism for the development of service trade.

  Release a batch of new technology applications. Currently, more than 50 companies and institutions have participated in the release. Among them, there are 9 Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Canon, and Huawei, and 8 multinational companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Qualcomm, Ricoh, Kompass, Japan Digital Holdings, Marriott Group, S&P, Mizuho Bank, etc. , 20 domestic industry leaders such as Baidu, Netease, Youku, New Oriental, Bright Future, and iFlytek, and 18 unicorns and innovative companies such as Daily Youxian, Litchi FM, Youke Factory, etc. The release content covers science and technology epidemic prevention, Financial security, holographic technology, artificial intelligence and other new technologies and new services are used in daily life.

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  4 summit forums invited big names from all walks of life to discuss the road

  This session of the Service Trade Fair will host four summit forums: "New Trends in the Development of Service Trade Openness", "Digital Trade Development Trends and Frontiers", "Service Trade Facilitation from the Perspective of Multinational Companies", and "World Tourism Cooperation and Development Conference". Ka Dianfeng on Tao.

  Two summit forums will build a high-end exchange and dialogue platform

  Among the four summit forums of this year’s Service Trade Fair, the Development Research Center of the State Council and relevant departments jointly organized two of them, namely the "Service Trade Open Development Trend Summit Forum" and the "Service Trade Facilitation Summit from the Perspective of Multinational Companies" forum".

  According to Yue Zongwei, deputy director of the General Office of the Development Research Center of the State Council, both forums are scheduled to be held at the National Convention Center in September. Combining the current international and domestic new situations, new trends, new challenges, and new opportunities, focusing on key and hot issues in the field of service trade, and carrying out targeted theme setting, topic setting, guest invitations, and results release. Both forums are set up The four units of speech and keynote speech, keynote speech, release and seminar, and strategic dialogue are organized to create an open domestic and international dual-cycle mutual promotion of new development pattern, and provide assistance and support for the development of global service trade.

  At the same time, a high-end exchange and dialogue platform will be built, resources and channels familiar to the Development Research Center of the State Council will be fully deployed, and relevant departments will be coordinated to jointly invite important international and domestic guests. In addition, to give full play to the advantages of national high-end think tanks, authoritative release links have been set up. In the "Service Trade Open Development New Trends Summit Forum", the key research report of "Service Industry: Institutional Opening to Promote Reform and Deepening" will be released, and the "Service Trade Facilitation Summit Forum from the Perspective of Multinational Corporations" will be released "Service Trade: Open Cooperation And Innovative Development" key research report, and invited well-known experts and scholars to comment and discuss.

  Tourism Development Conference will explore global tourism recovery

  Li Baochun, executive deputy secretary-general of the World Tourism Cities Federation, introduced that the new crown epidemic has brought a huge impact to global economic development, and the tourism industry has encountered unprecedented challenges. As one of the four summit forums, the theme of the "World Tourism Cooperation and Development Conference" is "Restarting Tourism and Creating Prosperity". The conference will invite representatives of tourism organizations, tourism cities, tourism companies and some countries to discuss the issue of global tourism recovery and build a platform for multilateral tourism exchanges and cooperation in the world.

  Through technical support, the conference will cover five languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian, and through an online live broadcast platform, it will be open to more than 200 members in more than 150 cities in 75 countries and regions around the world. The unit is open.

  During the conference, three forums will be held to promote the recovery of the tourism industry through the exchange and sharing of the global tourism industry, and play a constructive role in restarting the prosperity of world tourism. At the same time, build a tourism investment and financing transaction platform to highlight the achievements of industrial cooperation and development, and sign on-site contracts based on the preliminary negotiations. At present, this investment and financing conference has 21 intentionally signed projects with a total of 15.7 billion yuan.

  Digital Trade Summit Forum Builds Achievement Transformation Platform

  In recent years, the digital economy has grown rapidly in China. In 2019, the digital economy accounted for more than 36% of the entire GDP. Especially during the new crown epidemic, new technologies, new industries, new business formats, and new business models continue to emerge, which continue to affect China's resumption of work and production, industrial upgrading, and social lifestyle changes.

  Liang Liang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, introduced that the theme of the "Digital Trade Development Trend and Frontier" Summit Forum is "Digital Innovation and Integration Empowers Service Trade". This forum has a high level of specifications and focuses on hot topics. It invites heavyweight guests from the industry to focus on development In-depth discussions on trends, industry frontiers, technological frontiers, hot topics, governance models, etc.; discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by digital trade and new ideas, new models, new directions, and new business formats for the development of digital trade.

  The forum will also build a platform for dialogue, communication, cooperation and development among global digital economies; open up global supply chains, industrial chains, and value chains to establish a communication and dialogue platform; explore open, collaborative and efficient common technology research and development platforms; build digital technology trade results Conversion platform. During the forum, there will be links to cross-industry linkages, dialogues with big players, and authoritative speeches.

  At the same time, the "One Belt One Road" Digital Trade Index Development Report was released.

  Written by this edition/Beijing News reporter Chen Lin