Beer makers launching new products before tax rate revision 17:33 on August 27th

This October, the tax rate for beer-based beverages will be revised to raise the tax rate for the third beer while lowering the tax rate for the highest beer. Beer makers are launching new products one after another, expecting that demand for beer, which was hitherto pushed by the third beer, will increase due to the reduction of the tax rate.

The tax rate for beer-based beverages differs between "beer", "happoshu", and "third beer", but with the revision of the liquor tax law, the tax rate for third beer will gradually increase from October. While the highest beer tax rate is reduced.

Under these circumstances, Kirin Brewery announced a new product to be launched in October this year on the 27th, as demand for beer with a lower tax rate will grow.

We are appealing that the newly introduced beer is a product that is sugar-free from the ingredients of our main brand, and has become a health-conscious product with people in mind going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Kirin Brewery President Takayuki Fuse said, "We would like to see the revision of the liquor tax law as an opportunity to grow the beer market again."

Among beer makers, Sapporo Beer anticipates a tax rate reduction and plans to introduce limited products this fall, and there are many moves to strengthen beer sales.

Retailers strengthen sales of "third beer"

While beer makers are focusing on introducing beer with a lower tax rate, retailers are also looking to rush demand for the “third beer” with a higher tax rate, and there are moves to strengthen sales.

At a specialty liquor store in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, we expanded the sales area of ​​the third beer-type beverage, which sells well, by approximately 1.5 times.

Inside the store, which also posted a leaflet showing that the tax rate would be raised, there were narrow cases of the third beer case, and some customers could buy in bulk.

A woman in her 60s who bought in a case said, "I found out from the shop's paper that the tax rate for the third beer will go up. It will affect the household budget, so I will come back to buy it."

The store is expected to have a rush demand for a third beer in the future, and manager Yuki Hatakeyama said, ``Because the increase in the tax rate will have a large impact on consumers, be sure to fully inform them and take measures against the increasing demand. I want to strengthen it further."