Gradually warming up, the resilience of the resurgence tourism industry is strong and full of vitality

【Economy Interface】

  A few days ago, the news of the resumption of inter-provincial tourism signaled a full recovery for the tourism industry. With the theme of "Wonderful Xi'an Waiting for You", Shaanxi actively promotes summer and autumn tourism routes; Yunnan plays the ancient town brand and incorporates the industrial layout of ancient towns into the Greater Yunnan Tourism Circle Plan; Jiangxi’s rice and shrimp co-cultivation, leisure fishing, fruit picking, etc. The "Agricultural Industry + Tourism" project brings high-quality rural tourism experience to tourists.

  In this summer, more and more tourists are going out of their homes, and the popularity of scenic spots in various places has clearly recovered. Travel agencies and online tourism companies have gradually resumed operating cross-provincial (regional, municipal) team tours and "air ticket + hotel" services. The current inter-provincial travel has been resumed for more than one month. How about the resumption of work and production in the tourism industry? How can travel agencies seize the flow of summer vacation to "carry goods" for the travel market? How to effectively enhance the tourist experience? It has become a hot topic in the current tourism market.

1 Popularity rebounds, the summer tourism market is getting better


A few days ago, the first Beijing International Light and Shadow Art Season "All Things Symbiosis" outdoor light and shadow art immersive experience exhibition officially kicked off in Yuyuantan Park. In the park, lighting, images, music, performances and other means and special effects devices create a technologically full night view of the park, which attracts many citizens to visit. Since the resumption of inter-provincial tourism on July 14, the pace of recovery in Beijing's tourism industry has accelerated. On August 18th, the "Traveling in the Outskirts of Beijing·Beijing Rural Tourism Season" launched, launching 40 boutique tourism routes on the outskirts of Beijing, including four major themes, including key rural tours, Beijing outskirts gourmet tours, red theme tours and boutique homestay tours.

  What is the current state of popularity in tourism markets in various regions? Ctrip recently released the "Cross-provincial Travel Recovery Full Moon Popularity Report", according to the number of orders for vacation products such as self-guided tours and group tours, Lijiang, Sanya, Guiyang, Zhangjiajie and other places have become the most popular destination cities. The overall popularity of Southwest China is relatively high, and destinations in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces rank high in the popularity rankings. Many scenic spots in Qinghai have become Internet celebrities, Xining has become an important travel destination in the west, and Sanya is still the first choice for tourists for leisure and vacation.

  Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in line with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production, business activities in scenic spots have been suspended to gradually resumed, and tourism activities have been gradually liberalized from tours within the province and surrounding tours. On July 14, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on Promoting the Expansion and Resumption of Work and Resumption of Tourism Enterprises" to resume cross-provincial (regional, municipal) team travel. On the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the cultural and tourism administrative departments of all provinces (regions, cities) can resume the operation of travel agencies and online tourism enterprises with the approval of the local provincial (regional, municipal) party committee and government. ) Team travel and "air ticket + hotel" business.

  On the day when the inter-provincial tourism resumed, the search volume of products on various tourism platforms surged. On Ctrip's travel platform, the domestic instantaneous search volume for group tours and free travel has skyrocketed by 500% compared to before the opening, and more than 7,000 offline stores have overwhelming consultation volume. The volume of real-time searches related to products such as group tours and free travel on the Lvmama platform increased by more than three times from the previous month. On the Mafengwo platform, search volumes for popular destinations such as Hangzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Chongqing have all increased by more than 200% on a week-on-week basis. On the Fliggy platform, the search volume for air tickets and holiday products is also rising.

  Under the opportunity of the restoration of the cross-provincial tourism and the superimposed summer tourism season, the popularity of popular attractions in various places continues to rise. It is understood that in the Wutai Mountain Scenic Area in Shanxi, the number of tourists daily has reached tens of thousands, and the number of tourist buses from inside and outside the province has increased significantly, and the hotel occupancy rate has remained above 60%. The passenger flow of Guangxi Yangshuo High-speed Railway Station is also increasing day by day. The number of car passengers reached more than 7,000, and tourism-related industries began to recover.

  Ctrip's "2020 Summer Parent-Child Visitors Report" shows that after the resumption of inter-provincial travel, since the second half of July, the number of parent-child visitors has increased by 400% month-on-month in orders for group tours and free travel products. This year’s summer parent-child travel orders accounted for 34% of the total travel orders, still the largest summer travel group, but it was 11% lower than the 45% in the same period last year. According to the analysis of travel industry professionals, the number and proportion of parent-child travels that accounted for half of the summer domestic travel in previous years has declined this year. On the one hand, the epidemic has affected the willingness to travel. At the same time, education departments in some places have introduced restrictive policies for teachers, students and parents. Become a major obstacle to student travel.

  Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Research Institute, pointed out that as the three major groups of summer tourism, that is, research and graduation trips for young people, summer and health tourism for the elderly, recuperation for employees, and concentrated vacations for public servants, they should be subject to relevant departments. Encouragement to further activate the tourism market.

2 The popularity of research and study tours has become a market trend


In the summer of this year, Hainan Haikou Crater Park's parent-child study tour products have been popular with tourists, and the number of park visitors increased by 30% year-on-year. On the morning of August 16th, the park ushered in two summer camp tours. Recently, more than 60 such tours have been received in the scenic spot. According to incomplete statistics, the current average daily passenger flow in the park is about 2,000, which has exceeded the level of the same period last year.

  Tour the ancient capital along the historical axis; go to the depths of the Qinling Mountains to observe giant pandas and crested ibis up close; experience woodworking handwork in a woodworking class, and learn about the tenon and tenon and bucket arch structures of ancient buildings... In recent years, it has become more and more to participate in research and study tours in summer Multiple choices of students and parents.

  This summer, parent-child research tours in Shanghai showed explosive growth. "Affected by the epidemic, tourists are more cautious in choosing scenic spots, and are more inclined to choose outdoor open scenic spots, cultural streets or natural scenic spots with good environment. For example, the Bund, Yu Garden, Cultural Street, etc.." Bangbanglong Travel, a tourism company focusing on the study and tourism market The founder, Wang Ying, told reporters that orders for micro-travels in Shanghai have soared this summer, from over 100 orders on weekends in previous years to 600 or 700 orders.

  Affected by the epidemic, parents are more cautious in their travel choices this summer, and pay more attention to the safety of accompanying tourists. According to Wang Ying, among the teams that chose to participate in research trips across provinces this year, more tourists who knew each other organized themselves or chartered groups, and "acquaintance groups" became the mainstream.

  It is understood that research and study tours have become a relatively fast recovery type among many travel products of travel agencies. Wang Ying said: "The main reason for the faster recovery of research and study tours is that children have more travel needs in summer. The burst of local research and study tours is mainly because local tours are a more assured and safe choice during the epidemic. At the same time, parents also hope that Children can gain more knowledge while traveling."

  Wang Ying analyzed that from the perspective of market recovery, many themed parent-child hotels were full during the summer vacation this year. More people chose safer self-guided trips. The number of travel agency group trips decreased, but tourism demand still exists. After the epidemic is better controlled, the market will recover quickly.

  The study tour breaks through the summer tourism and also shows the competitiveness of in-depth tourism products. Currently, travel methods continue to iterate, and tourism demand is also escalating, requiring travel agencies and other tourism companies to develop more in-depth and more cultural tourism products.

  “At present, the situation of foreign epidemic situation is still in a state of uncertainty, and the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is improving. Previously, parents would choose more foreign research and study tour products. Now customers are gradually returning to the domestic market, which will force domestic travel agencies to develop Higher-quality research and study tour products and courses." Wang Ying believes that the development potential of domestic research and study tour products is worth looking forward to.

  In recent years, local education departments have incorporated the study travel of primary and middle school students into the education and teaching plans of primary and secondary schools, and strengthened the construction of study travel bases in various regions. Wang Ying said that active policies have promoted the development of research tours in the travel market. As far as travel agencies are concerned, they cannot stay in the mode of relying on scenic spots to earn the difference. They should develop more in-depth travel products to enhance their knowledge and experience. The added value of tourism.

3 Lower fares and full recovery still need sustained momentum


On August 8, Hubei launched the "Traveling with Love and Traveling to Hubei" activity. Nearly 400 A-level tourist attractions in the province were opened to tourists from all over the country without tickets. Tourists in low-risk areas across the country can enter without tickets after making real-name reservations, temperature measurements, and scanning health codes. The event will continue until the end of this year. It is understood that since the launch of the event, the positive effects have been further released. Tourists from inside and outside the province have been enthusiastic about traveling. The number of tourists from scenic spots such as the Yellow Crane Tower, the Yellowstone National Mine Park, and the Yichang Three Gorges House has generally increased.

  For a long time, some scenic spots have overpriced tickets, increased prices during peak seasons, and repeatedly charged “door-to-door” and “ticket-in-the-tickets” in the scenic spots that have discouraged many tourists. The "ticket economy" also restricts the rational development of scenic spots and prevents scenic spots from better assuming the attributes of public services and public welfare. How to reasonably reduce ticket prices and promote the development of tourist attractions from relying on the "ticket economy" to explore more development models has also become a "must-answer question" for scenic spots during this summer vacation.

  The “Notice on Continuously Promoting and Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots” recently issued by the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission clarified that it will continue to promote the price reduction of scenic spots, continuously improve the ticket price formation mechanism, focus on regulating the price behavior of scenic spots, and effectively implement the ticket price reduction policy .

  Driven by the policy, a series of ticket discounts and bonuses have been introduced in many scenic spots across the country during the summer tourism this year. In Shandong, 81 state-owned scenic spots collectively cut prices, including 9 5A-level scenic spots. Except for statutory holidays, on the basis of government-priced ticket prices, all ticket discounts of no less than 50% will be implemented. Shanxi announced that from Monday to Friday working days in the second half of this year, 126 tourist attractions above the A level in the province will exempt tourists from all over the country, including Yungang Grottoes, Wutai Mountain, Pingyao Ancient City and other famous scenic spots. According to statistics, Shanxi, Yunnan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou and other provinces have introduced preferential policies for free or discounted tickets for scenic spots.

  Dai Bin said that in order to revitalize the tourism market, local governments have reduced or exempted scenic spots within a certain range, which is beneficial to establish market image and boost consumer confidence. He also reminded that the administrative department must consider not only the market rhythm of enterprises that resume work, but also the possible unfair price competition that may be triggered, so as to effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the scenic spot and high-quality development.

  Policies such as cross-provincial travel and ticket reduction and exemption have promoted the recovery of summer tourism. However, the prospects of the tourism industry and market demand are still affected by many factors. The government and enterprises need to work together to provide continuous impetus for tourism recovery. The "Cross-provincial Tourism Recovery Full Moon Popularity Report" pointed out that at present, the market has not returned to normal levels. Due to insufficient effective demand and restrictions on tourism consumption, some consumers are still worried about traveling, and the tourism industry has not yet fully resumed work and production. , Most tourism companies and offline stores are still under great pressure.

  Dai Bin's analysis pointed out that those unreasonable low-price sales models that still follow traditional routes, rely on tourists' self-paid items and shopping rebates, and even engage in forced consumption and fraudulent consumption, are destined to be ruthlessly eliminated by the market. Tourism companies under the epidemic must strengthen the application of science and technology and cultural creativity, and build their core competitiveness in the transformation and upgrading.

(Our reporter Yao Yaqi)