Dining chain Last month's sales fell sharply August 17th 17:20

Last month's sales for the major dining chains across the country were down 15% compared to the same month last year. Although the rate of decrease has narrowed compared to the previous month, the spread of new coronavirus infections has continued to cause a significant decline.

According to the Japan Food Service Association, by business type, “Fast food”, which is increasingly used for take-out and home delivery, decreased by 3.6%, “Family restaurant” decreased by 22.6%, and “Pubs and taverns” decreased by 52.8%. For example, strict management continues in many business formats.

The Japan Food Service Association said, “The food service industry continues to be in a critical situation due to the spread of new coronavirus infections and long rains. While the stores located in the suburbs are relatively recovering, There are variations in recovery depending on location and business conditions, such as the ongoing struggles at stores and izakaya.