Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 24 (Reporter Ding Jing) The reporter learned from Beijing Daxing International Airport on the 24th that 91 flights involving Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines will be transferred to Daxing Airport from the 25th.

  For this transfer, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines plan to transfer 40 and 51 flights respectively, for a total of 91 flights. After the transfer is completed, the number of flights operated by China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiary China United Airlines at Daxing Airport accounted for about 87% of its total flights in Beijing. After China Southern Airlines completed this transfer, 80% of its flights in Beijing have been transferred to Daxing Airport.

  Yang Yu, the operational planning business manager of the Daxing Airport Operations Management Department, said that the transition is the first stage of Daxing Airport to undertake this round of transitions. The relevant departments will determine whether to continue the second and third phases of the transition based on the operation of the airport. It is initially estimated that more than 150 flights involving companies such as China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Air China will be transferred from Capital Airport to Daxing Airport in this round. After the transfer is completed, Daxing Airport is expected to fly 440 domestic routes to 136 domestic cities.