"Go To Eat" purchase price of 25% additional meal ticket in 33 prefectures Agriculture Minister Eto August 14th 14:11

Regarding "Go To Eat," which supports restaurants in the government's "Go To Campaign" to stimulate consumption, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Eto is involved in the business of issuing meal tickets to which 25% of the purchase price is added. It was revealed that it will be implemented in 33 prefectures such as Osaka prefecture.

With "Go To Eat," we will issue a meal ticket that will add 25% of the purchase price that can be used for each prefecture, and also return points of up to 1000 yen per person to consumers using restaurants through the reservation site To do.

Regarding this, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced that the meal ticket business was decided to be 35 business operators in 33 prefectures such as Aichi Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture as a result of public recruitment of contractors at a meeting after the Cabinet meeting on the 25th. did.

In addition, Minister Eto stated, "Before starting the registration of the store where each business operator participates, I would like to show the infection prevention measures that the restaurant should protect", and the idea of ​​aiming for early start after thoroughly implementing the infection prevention measures I showed you.

On the other hand, we will make additional public offerings next month for the other 14 municipalities for which no business was decided, such as no application.

In addition, for the point reward business, the operators of 13 reservation sites such as "GourNavi" and "Tabe Log" have been selected as contractors, but since it is assumed that it will be used across prefectures, while looking at the infection situation He carefully decides when to start a business.