All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines domestic flights will reduce flights again next month due to the new Corona effect 4:24 on August 24

All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines said that the movement to refrain from travel and business trips is spreading again due to the spread of new coronavirus, so next month we will suspend or reduce the number of domestic flights, and reduce the number of flights again. ..

According to ANA's domestic flight plans announced by ANA, next month we will reduce the number of flights on a wide range of routes, including flights to and from Haneda, Osaka, Sapporo, etc.

45% of the total flights will be canceled or the number of flights will be reduced to about 10,400, and the reduction rate will be increased by 20 points from 25% this month.

Also, according to the flight plan announced by Japan Airlines, 43% of domestic flights will be suspended or reduced in the first half of next month.

The percentage of flight reductions will increase by 15 points from 28% this month.

ANA and Japan Airlines had canceled or reduced flights for 70% to 80% of domestic flights in May when the emergency was announced, but as the self-restraint of movement is eased, the number of flights will gradually increase. I have recovered.

However, as the number of infected people increased in various places, the boarding rate of domestic flights remained at around 30% during this Obon period, and bookings for the next month were sluggish, so we took steps to reduce the number of flights again.

In the latter half of next month, we will be refraining from consecutive holidays such as "Respect for the Aged Day" and "Akibun Day," but each company wants to carefully review demand trends and continue to review its flight plans.