2020 Financial Trends Report: Chinese people manage more wealth

  Our reporter Chen Guojing

  The "2020 Chinese People’s Wealth Management Trends Report" recently released by Shanghai Gaojin Institute of Finance and Alipay shows that Chinese people are bidding farewell to the single-saving mindset. The habit of "money" allocation. At the same time, 700 million people have used Alipay for financial management. Among them, "Jianmin" held funds for an average of 337 days, and long-term investment habits are being developed.

  The report shows that under the general trend of breaking the redemption, more than 90% of the surveyed said that being able to accept financial management is not a steady profit without loss; nearly two adults can accept a loss of more than 10% during the holding period.

  According to Liu Jun, head of the e-commerce department of PICC Health, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has catalyzed the demand for public protection. The latest survey data shows that 74% of Chinese respondents have plans to deploy health insurance. Among the insurers jointly served by PICC and Alipay, “post-90s” and “post-00s” account for more than 50%.

  People's concept of long-term investment is also strengthening. Since the fund was launched on the Alipay platform, the average holding time of "Jimmin" has been 337 days. A data from 2011 shows that between 2004 and 2011, the average holding time of open-end funds in China did not exceed 180 days.

  According to Wang Jun, general manager of the wealth business group of Ant Group, nearly 40% of the basic people on the Alipay platform have held positions for more than one year, and 30% of them will clear their positions after buying them in less than a month. The income gap between them is huge: only half of those holding positions for less than a month can make money, and nearly 90% of those holding positions for a year can make money. Adhering to fixed investment works well for ordinary people. The average return of a fixed investment fund is 4 times that of an unfixed investment.

  "Many people are caught up in chasing ups and downs. On the one hand, they don’t have the corresponding awareness, but they don’t know what to buy and how to buy. This year, we will build an Alipay financial management think tank together with industry experts to provide consumers with more in-place companionship and communication. , Let everyone worry about financial management more easily." Wang Jun said.

  "The era of national wealth management 2.0 has arrived." Li Yimei, general manager of China Asset Management, said that in 2013, monetary funds embraced the "Internet" and aroused public attention to public funds, but public financial management options were still relatively single. "However, more and more people are beginning to have the concept of asset allocation, especially the young people who are currently growing up with the Internet, may be more financially aware than the previous generation." Li Yimei said.

  Chen Guojing