OAG: Airlines in the region will occupy 1.8 million seats this week

OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data, said that the latest data on the air transport sector showed a 0.5% decline in seat capacity in the Middle East during the week starting from August 17, compared to the previous week.

The corporation stated that airlines in the Middle East region will occupy a total of about 1.83 million seats this week, compared to 1.84 million in the previous week, which constitutes 38% of the total capacity that was provided by the region before the "Covid-19" pandemic.

She added that China is still the largest market for air transport in seat capacity with a rate of 15.5 million seats, followed by the United States with about 11.8 million seats, and Japan in third place with about 2.5 million seats, while the United Kingdom recorded the largest weekly increase by 4.8%, bringing its capacity to 1.4 million seats. Weekly, while Italy registered about 1.3 million seats.

The Corporation said that the total capacity of seats at the global level registered a low growth, with the addition of about 67 thousand seats this week, to reach 58.2 million weekly seats. This represents an increase of 11% over the past four weeks, i.e. 50.6% of the capacity that was available in 2019.

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