China News Service, Shenyang, August 17 (Li Xi) According to a press conference held by the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office on the 17th, Shenyang will issue 12 million yuan in cultural benefit electronic consumer vouchers to activate the cultural life of the people and tap cultural consumption Potential, stimulate the vitality of cultural consumption, and continue to promote the warming up of the cultural consumption market in Shenyang.

  Li Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, said at the meeting that cultural activities are an important carrier to meet the spiritual needs of the people, and cultural consumption is an important engine for social and economic growth. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, cultural enterprises in Shenyang City have made due contributions to blocking the spread of the epidemic.

  Up to now, cultural enterprises in Shenyang have basically achieved full opening. The resumption rate of cultural enterprises such as Internet cafes, performance venues, and karaoke halls in the city has exceeded 90%. Especially with the formal resumption of the city’s theaters on August 5, it indicates that the cultural industry in Shenyang has been realized. The comprehensive resumption of work and business has created an extremely favorable opportunity and external environment for Shenyang to initiate the issuance of culturally beneficial electronic consumer coupons.

  Li Zhiqiang said that with the consent of the Shenyang Municipal Government, and carefully organized and planned by the Shenyang Cultural Tourism and Radio and Television Bureau and the China UnionPay Liaoning Branch, the Shenyang Cultural Huimin Electronic Consumer Voucher will be available to the citizens of Shenyang from August 19 to November 4 To issue.

  According to reports, the issuance of cultural consumer electronic vouchers is the first large-scale cultural consumer vouchers issued by Shenyang on the basis of the initial results achieved in response to the new crown epidemic. It is to further promote the construction of a national cultural consumption pilot city in Shenyang, expand the results of the pilot, and strive to enter the national cultural and tourism consumption pilot and demonstration city. It is also an innovative arrangement to meet the spiritual and cultural life needs of the general public, boost the confidence of cultural enterprises, and realize the enterprise A move to stabilize employment and benefit enterprises and people.

  This cultural consumption coupon issuance activity adheres to the principle of “government guidance, market operation, and universal benefit to the public”. The municipal government and China UnionPay Liaoning Branch jointly invested 12 million yuan, of which the municipal government contributed 10 million yuan, and China UnionPay Liaoning The branch allocated 2 million yuan to realize the organic integration of the government and the market, and fully embodies the overall awareness and responsibility of social enterprises.

  A total of four types of electronic coupons were set up for this event, and Shenyang citizens can enjoy fully reduced subsidies for cultural consumption in seven types of venues. The face value of the four e-coupons are 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 50 yuan, and 100 yuan respectively. The standard for full reduction is 5 yuan off when you spend 10 yuan, 10 yuan off when you spend 20 yuan, 50 yuan off when you spend 120 yuan, and 100 yuan off when you spend 300 yuan.

  At the same time, cultural consumption in 7 categories of places can enjoy subsidies. Such as Internet Internet service business premises Internet cafes Internet consumption; entertainment venues KTV private rooms, game hall game consumption; theaters, theaters and other performance venues operating units ticket consumption; bookstores, audio-visual stores and publication retail places to purchase books, audio-visual products, digital equipment, etc. Consumption; consumption at movie screening venues such as theaters; ticket consumption at cultural expo venues such as Shenyang Palace Museum, Beiling, Tanglin, Zhang’s Mansion tickets; shopping consumption at handicraft shops and cultural and creative goods sales stores.

  In addition, during the event, the general public will also enjoy the discount of 3 million yuan in electronic consumer coupons issued by Shengjing Bank using the "Cloud QuickPass APP" and the preferential measures to benefit the people launched by cultural enterprises in Shenyang to cooperate with the event. Participation of multiple parties, multiple stacking of benefits.

  Li Zhiqiang said that in order to further expand the influence of the event and activate the film consumption market, on August 21, the launching ceremony of the film benefiting consumer season event will be held at the National Games Store in Wanda Studios, and citizens can enjoy more discounts when watching movies on the same day. During the event, exciting cultural feasts will be launched one after another, such as Shenyang Cultural Theater, bookstores, theaters, cultural visiting places, etc., will launch a variety of activities, fully presenting the activities of "all people participate together, share cultural resources, and create a cultural feast" The effect meets the cultural consumption needs of the people. (Finish)