Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, August 15th, on the 15th Eastern Time, US stocks fluctuated within a narrow range throughout the day, and the closing diverged. The Dow rose by more than 30 points and the Nasdaq fell 0.5%. IQiyi fell more than 13%, Baidu fell more than 6%; China concept stocks online education stocks fell collectively, GSX fell more than 10%, New Oriental and Good Future fell more than 4%.

  Source: Wind

  As of the close, the Dow rose 0.12%, the Nasdaq fell 0.21%, and the S&P 500 fell 0.02%. This week (August 10th-August 16th), US stocks rose collectively. The Dow rose 1.81%, the S&P 500 rose 0.64%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.08%.

  In terms of technology stocks, Apple fell 0.06%; Facebook fell 0.02%; Amazon fell 0.41%; Microsoft rose 0.1%; Google fell 0.71%; Netflix rose 0.28%; Tesla rose 1.88%.

  Popular Chinese concept stocks generally fell. Jingdong fell 0.77%, Baidu fell 6.29%, Weibo fell 4.25%, Pinduoduo fell 4.29%, Weilai Automobile fell 1.87%, NetEase fell 0.75%, Bilibili fell 0.41%, Tencent Music fell 2.24%, iQiyi fell 11.16%, Alibaba rose slightly by 0.09%; Chinese concept stocks online education stocks fell collectively, GSX fell more than 10%, New Oriental and Good Future fell more than 4%

  The 11 major sectors of the S&P 500 were mixed. The energy sector led the gains by nearly 1%, while the utilities sector fell 0.9%. The gains of large technology stocks temporarily slowed, Apple fell 0.09%, Amazon fell 0.41%, Netflix rose 0.28%, Google fell 0.79%, Facebook fell 0.02%, and Microsoft rose 0.1%.

  The July US retail sales data released before the market fell short of expectations. According to data from the US Department of Commerce, US retail sales rose 1.2% month-on-month in July, a sharp slowdown from June's 8.4% and lower than market expectations of 1.9%.

  The analysis said that because the survey time of the retail sales data was before the federal government’s supplementary unemployment benefits ceased, it could not reflect the latest consumer conditions. Taking into account that the new round of stimulus plan has reached a deadlock, retail sales in August are expected to slow down further, or even shrink again.

  In the European market, as of the close, the UK FTSE 100 index reported 6090.04 points, a decrease of 1.55%; the French CAC40 stock index reported 4,962.93 points, a decrease of 1.58%.

  In addition, the US dollar index fell 0.15% to 93.1200. The euro/dollar rose 0.19% to 1.1835. The pound/dollar rose 0.21% to 1.3086. The dollar/yen fell 0.31% to 106.5900. US COMEX gold futures fell 1.02% to 1,950.350 US dollars per ounce. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)