Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, August 14 - Questions: the first half of the cross-border electricity supplier business contrarian surge in the Free Trade Zone of how to achieve?

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Niu Shaojie He Juan

  A total of 47.796 million cross-border e-commerce import and export orders have been completed, with a value of 4.45 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 127% and 114% respectively...

  This is the report card of cross-border e-commerce transactions in the Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Henan Province in the first half of the year. Once the data was released, the industry’s attention was drawn: in the case that international trade was severely affected by the epidemic, this comprehensive free trade zone in central China Why can commercial transactions soar against the trend?

  The reporter learned from field visits that behind the surge in transactions is the surge in the number of e-commerce companies that have settled in. Data from Xinzheng Customs shows that since 2019, 114 new cross-border e-commerce companies have been registered in Xinzheng Customs, and companies that have settled in include AliExpress, Amazon and other internationally renowned cross-border e-commerce platforms.

  The increase in e-commerce companies has played an important role in supporting the growth of transactions, but the attraction to cross-border e-commerce platforms is the "speed" of this free trade zone!

  "Consumers fancy convenience and speed through cross-border e-commerce shopping. If customs clearance is slow and logistics are not smooth, consumers will choose other platforms." said the person in charge of customs affairs at Vipshop Haitao Warehouse, choosing to settle in Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone It is the customs clearance service and logistics network here.

  How fast is the clearance? "Pinch the watch" seconds to pass the level. It is understood that cross-border e-commerce trade includes bonded import and general export. Cross-border e-commerce companies will set up warehouses in the bonded area to stock up in advance based on past market demand data, pick up the goods immediately after receiving the order, apply for customs clearance, and arrange logistics delivery after customs clearance.

  Yu Hao, director of the Xinzheng Customs Office, said that despite the impact of the epidemic, the average daily volume of cross-border e-commerce orders in the first half of the year was still more than 260,000. On the one hand, the customs provides customized services based on the individual needs of cross-border e-commerce companies. Reasonable allocation of customs supervision resources for the categories of declared items and peak declarations; on the other hand, improve the level of informatization, dynamically adjust the parameters of the cross-border e-commerce customs clearance system, and strictly supervise, so as to realize the rapid release of low-risk commodities and the precise control of key commodities such as prohibited categories , Which embodies the concept of "strict supervision is also service".

  It is worth mentioning that in the context of the epidemic, Xinzheng Customs has promoted the "E-point through paperless customs clearance" in recent years, which has demonstrated obvious advantages. Through a series of reforms and innovations, the company has cancelled on-site delivery orders and customs paper review and approval. Other links are changed to electronic data transmission, online review and release, which not only guarantees the efficiency of customs clearance, but also avoids personnel contact to the greatest extent.

  In addition to fast customs clearance, convenient logistics is also an important factor in attracting e-commerce to settle in. According to Jiang Zheng, head of the Zhengzhou branch of Sinotrans Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou is a transportation hub in central China. In recent years, the Xinzheng Airport cargo system has become more complete. The dense highway network provides strong support for the rapid distribution of goods.

  According to statistics from Xinzheng Customs, in the first half of this year, the customs supervised a total of 73 air charter flights, with a list of 3.932 million orders, with a value of 190 million yuan; it supervised 74 flights of China-Europe trains such as the "Cainiao", with a list of 15.569 million orders and a cargo value of 270 million. Yuan; 129,000 parcels exported by the postal route under supervision, with a value of 11.827 million yuan.