, Erlianhot, August 14 (Li Aiping, Liang Xiaohong) External news from Erlian Customs on the 14th stated that in the first July of this year, there were 1,230 China-Europe trains entering and exiting through the most mainland port of China and Mongolia-Erlianhot Port, with a cargo volume of 119.5 10,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 47.5% and 96.2% respectively.

  Erlianhot Port is located in the north of China, across the border from Zamyn-Uud of Mongolia to the north. It is the only railway port from China to Mongolia, and it is also one of the first batch of 13 border open cities approved by the State Council.

  Li Bingshan, assistant general manager of the Erlian Branch of Sinotrans North China Co., Ltd., introduced that with the continuous expansion of the “Belt and Road” construction, the Erlianhot port undertakes more than 70% of the transportation tasks of Sino-Mongolian trade and cross-border transportation of Sino-Russian and Sino-European trade. Task, import and export volume is increasing year by year.

  "Since the beginning of this year, the China-Europe Express at Erlianhaote Port has continued to rise compared to the same period last year, especially in July the number of lines opened and the volume of freight doubled year-on-year." Erlian Customs Railway Supervision Department Officer Qu Cai The wind said. (Finish)