Friday the friendly economy starts. Reporter Kwon Ae-ri is here. Reporter Kwon, yesterday (the 13th), we looked into how to get support for eating out on the weekend. Besides eating out, there are quite a lot of things the government gives you from this holiday season?


Yes. In addition to eating out, there are actually a lot more discount coupons prepared by the third supplementary administration to add to the consumption of movies and travel.

We have budgeted about 170 billion won for all 8 categories, but only about 20 billion won, which is about half of the budget we set for discounting our agricultural and fishery products, has been exhausted so far.

All others start using today or after today. I started applying for discount on eating out from yesterday. From 4 PM today, you can accumulate usage results every weekend.

And, starting today, the only things that can be booked with discounts on the Nara budget are movies, accommodation for travel destinations such as hotels and pensions, and tickets for museums and art galleries.

Unlike dining out, these discounts are always available, regardless of weekday or weekend. All discounts are on a first come, first served basis. Because it is the government budget, there is a limit.

Assuming that all consumption coupons in the eight categories set for the third supplementary administration are actively taken care of, one person may get a discount of hundreds of thousands of won.

But each has different consumption patterns and circumstances, so some of them are helpful to me.

I will tell you the items and methods one by one. If there is anything that fits my consumption pattern, it is a budget that has been set anyway, so it would be nice if I dictate it.


Yes. It seems that the consumption of dictation will be too high, but anyway, it is the person who saw this first. You said you can use movie coupons from today?


Yes. The country subsidizes 6,000 won for each movie ticket. This is up to 1.76 million copies on a first come, first served basis.

How do I get it? All six theaters classified as multiplexes, including CGV and Lotte Cinema, can only be discounted by purchasing online reservations on the website or app.

Discount coupons can be downloaded from the 11th. In the case of CineQ, discounts are automatically applied when booking online without a coupon.

There is no limit to the number of people who can download discount coupons. It means that from today, I will count the people who actually book tickets and cut off at 1.76 million copies.

It's a bit complicated from here, but there is a limit of two per week per person per ID.

So, what if I have IDs on all three theater sites. If you like real movies and want to run all the latest releases, you can reserve two copies of each with these three IDs and get a 36,000 won discount on six this week alone.

If the coupon is not running out, you can get a new discount with your ID the following week. In addition to those classified as multiplex, discounts are also available at independent movie theaters and small and medium-sized movie theaters nationwide.

Small and medium-sized movie theaters are of course website reservations. It is also possible to receive discounts on site, but also up to two per person per week.


Reporter Kwon, how is your trip? You said that there are discounts for accommodation reservations, right?


Yes. This is for those who plan to travel in the fall, but only those who will travel domestically in September and October, discounts will start on the online accommodation reservation pages from 10 am today. This is the first million people.

If you book a stay for less than 70,000 won on September and October, you will receive a discount of 30,000 won to 200,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis. For accommodations exceeding 70,000 won, the country will deduct 40,000 won.

This is allotted for 800,000 people. 27 online accommodation reservation sites participate, and as you can see on the screen, most sites are included.

But 24 of them start at 10 am today. Discount reservations for Nextour and Jeju.com will start on August 28th and Kite on September 12th.

Even if you use these three places today, you do not receive a discount. However, there are also accommodations that choose not to participate in this government discount.

Therefore, most sites will create a separate page called'Stay Battle' to provide a separate list of accommodations that can be discounted with government coupons, or indicate whether or not a government discount is available in front of the name of the property in the term'Stay Battle'.

I would like to be able to collect coupons that are advantageous for me on time, and even if I go out and spend time happily with the money that the government provides, it is a world where I have to always keep in mind Corona 19.

Regional infections are on the rise again. It would be nice if it would be such a holiday where wearing a mask and keeping away from it are kept and active while taking a lot of discount coupons.


I have a question about accommodation. Is the 30,000 won or 40,000 won discount per night? Or is it all?

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whole stay.