, August 13th. According to the website of the central bank, on August 13, the People's Bank of China successfully issued two renminbi central bank bills in Hong Kong, including 20 billion yuan in 3-month central bank bills and 10 billion in 1-year central bank bills. Yuan, the winning bid rate is 2.70%.

Data map: People's Bank of China. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Xinglong

  This issuance is widely welcomed by foreign investors, including institutional investors such as banks, central banks, funds and international financial organizations in the United States, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions, and international financial organizations have actively participated in the subscription. The total amount of bids is about 62.4 billion yuan, close to the issuance. 2.1 times the amount, indicating that RMB assets are highly attractive to foreign investors, and it also reflects the confidence of global investors in China's economy.

  Since November 2018, the People's Bank of China has gradually established a normal mechanism for issuing RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong. This issuance is a rolling issuance at maturity. After the issuance, the balance of Hong Kong's RMB central bank bills remains at 80 billion yuan. The stable and continuous issuance of RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong is conducive to enriching the Hong Kong market's high-credit RMB investment product series and RMB liquidity management tools, meeting the needs of offshore market investors, improving the offshore RMB yield curve, and promoting the development of the offshore RMB money market , And encourage other issuers to issue RMB bonds in the offshore market to promote the internationalization of RMB.