Major trading companies 3 months settlement until June Decrease in deficit at 17:24 on August 13

A large trading company completed its financial statements for the three months until June, of which Mitsubishi Corporation had a 77% decrease in its final profit compared to the same period last year, due to factors such as a drop in demand for automobiles.

According to the settlement of accounts from a major trading company from April to June, the final profit was decreased by 77% for Mitsubishi Corporation from the same period last year, Mitsui 50%, ITOCHU 28%, Marubeni Decreased by 10%, and Sumitomo Corporation was in the red of 41 billion yen.

Due to factors such as the decline in resource prices accompanying the spread of new coronavirus infection and the slump in food business due to chilling consumption, among them, Mitsubishi Corporation saw a drop in automobile demand and the price of coal, which is a raw material for steel, The effect of the price drop resonated.

Regarding the forecast of business results for the first year of this fiscal year, MC forecasts that the final profit will be 62 billion yen, which is 62% less than the previous year.

“We cannot optimistic about the business environment and want to survive the difficult situation with a sense of crisis, such as organizing businesses that are in the red, because the business environment is not optimistic,” said the CFO.