KLM has unilaterally decided to postpone a planned wage increase. In 2019, it was decided that all staff would receive a 2.5 percent pay rise this year, but due to the corona crisis, that will not take place, KLM reports Thursday. FNV is "very irritated" and is considering a legal action.

The airline saves a total of around 50 million euros per year with the measure. KLM says it has tried to consult with the unions, but they did not agree to the postponement. "That is why KLM has no choice but to take this unilateral decision," the website states.

KLM is currently losing 10 million euros a day. "In this context, KLM cannot afford to implement the salary increase in August. Not socially, financially, and not because of the ongoing discussions about the interpretation of the government conditions for the loans."

Trade union leader Jan van den Brink of FNV is "completely perplexed" by the news. "KLM cannot decide this unilaterally," he told NU.nl. "There was a strike last year for this pay rise and now they are ignoring this obligation."

He says that FNV is considering going to court. "It has never happened to me that an employer reports this unilaterally, they have an agreement and are obliged to comply with it. We recognize that KLM has less work and understand that something needs to be done about it, but that does not mean that you terms and conditions of employment can change just like that.