The parent company of Miss Etam, Steps, Expresso, Claudia Sträter and Promiss is bankrupt, but the stores are still open. According to a spokesperson, this is the best way to achieve a restart.

"Behind the scenes, a restart is underway," said the spokesman on Thursday. After an earlier postponement of payment, parent company FNG was declared bankrupt on Friday.

According to the spokesperson, the bankruptcy application was of a technical-legal nature and submitted with a view to a restart. "This makes a successful restart of the Dutch FNG brands, or parts thereof, more likely." FNG's activities in Belgium were already declared bankrupt at the beginning of August.

In the Netherlands, FNG has 103 Miss Etam stores, 10 Steps stores, 29 Expresso stores and 30 stores with Claudia Sträter on the facade. Since the beginning of this year, Promiss has only been living online.

In total, fifteen hundred employees work in the shops, the distribution center and the head office. Their wages are now paid by the UWV.