Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, August 13th. On the 13th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets maintained a concussive consolidation after opening higher. The Shanghai Index performed strongly, the ChiNext Index opened lower and lowered, and the agricultural and military sectors showed strong trends. According to news that "the domestic securities firm No.1 Venture and Beijing Capital Securities merged", the share price of No.1 Capital rose straight up and closed, and many shares in the brokerage sector rose.

  As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3320.73 points, an increase of 0.04%, with a turnover of 387.162 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 13291.32 points, a decrease of 0.13%, with a turnover of 488.77 billion yuan; the Growth Enterprise Market Index reported 2622.64 points, a decrease of 0.49%.

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  On the disk, sectors such as agricultural synthesis, plantation, forestry, communications operations, and feed led the gains; sectors such as biological products, public transport, rare metals, chemical raw materials, and glass manufacturing led the decline. In terms of concept stocks, genetically modified, agricultural planting, ecological agriculture, glyphosate, sweeteners, etc. rose among the top gains, while capital leaders, blood products, lottery concepts, biological vaccines, and 3D cameras fell among the top decliners.

  In terms of individual stocks, 2312 stocks rose, of which 149 stocks such as Golden Crown, Daqian Ecological, and Xinsai, rose by more than 5%. 1459 stocks fell, of which 74 stocks including Shenzhen Xinxing, Jidong Equipment, and Kelida fell more than 5%.

  In terms of turnover rate, a total of 47 stocks have turnover rates of more than 20%. Among them, N Cansino has the highest turnover rate, reaching 69.53%.

  In terms of capital flow, the top five industries that flow into the top five are chemicals, power equipment, brokerage, optical and optoelectronics, and planting industries, and the top five that flow out are chemicals, auto parts, brokerages, power equipment, and computer applications. The top five stocks that are the main inflows are First Venture, BOE A, GCL Integration, Tianshan, China Unicom, and the top five stocks that flow out are First Venture, Tianshan, Junzheng Group, New Wave Energy, and GCL. integrated. The top five conceptual themes in the main inflow are margin financing and securities lending, refinancing securities, MSCI concepts, Shenzhen Stock Connect, and Shanghai Stock Connect. The top five conceptual themes for outflows are margin financing and securities lending, refinancing securities, and MSCI concepts. , Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect.

  As of the last trading day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s financing balance was reported at 726.584 billion yuan, a decrease of 3.087 billion from the previous trading day, and the securities lending balance was reported at 38.853 billion yuan, an increase of 22 million yuan from the previous trading day; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s financing balance was reported at 672.506 billion yuan , A decrease of 686 million yuan from the previous trading day, and the securities lending balance reported 22.316 billion yuan, an increase of 335 million yuan from the previous trading day. The balance of margin financing and securities lending in the two cities totaled 1,460.26 billion yuan, a decrease of 3.417 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

  From the perspective of the north-south capital flow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as of press time, the net inflow of northbound funds is 12 million yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect is 16 million yuan, the balance of funds on the day is 51.984 billion yuan, and the net outflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect is RMB 4 billion. The balance was 52.004 billion yuan; the net inflow of southbound funds was 1.712 billion yuan, of which the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow was 696 million yuan, the fund balance on the day was 41.304 billion yuan, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow was 1.016 billion yuan, and the fund balance on the day was 40.984 billion yuan.

  Centaline Securities pointed out that under the circumstances that external risks continue to exist, fund shares are still expanding rapidly, social funds are flowing into the stock market, and funds have begun to be allocated at two ends: on the one hand, they continue to group together to warm up the main line of high-quality targets, such as food and beverage, medicine and semiconductors; On the other hand, undervalued sectors represented by finance, real estate and infrastructure are more concerned about incremental funds due to their margins of safety and cost advantages, and have phased allocation value. The long-term valuations of the mainline industries are still relatively stable.

  Bohai Securities Research Report believes that with the gradual disclosure of the semi-annual report, the performance of individual stocks in the sector varies significantly, and the overall market for food and beverages may come to an end. From the perspective of the sub-molecular sector, the dairy product sector is still recommended. The dairy industry is a low-value land in the food and beverage industry. The industry still has a steady growth. The continuous expansion of low-temperature dairy products has contributed to the overall strong performance of the sector. It is recommended to continue to pay attention. At the same time, the performance of the liquor sector will continue to improve month-on-month, the natural attributes of the industry will remain, the monetary easing environment and the continued increase in infrastructure will support the liquor industry. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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