Toshiba new corona impact Operating loss 12.6 billion yen deficit 16:36 on August 12

As Toshiba announced on the 12th, the entire group's financial results for the three months to June will be temporarily inoperable due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the operating loss showing the profit of the main business will be a loss of 12.6 billion yen. It was.

According to the announcement, sales decreased 26% from the same period last year to 599.8 billion yen, and operating income, which shows the profit of the main business, turned from a profit of 7.8 billion yen to a deficit of 12.6 billion yen.

The main reason for this is that sales of hard disks for storage devices and semiconductors for automobiles fell due to the temporary suspension of operations at our company and our factories due to the new coronavirus.

From late April to early May, when the emergency was announced, it was also said that in principle all offices in Japan, including the head office and factories, were closed to reduce employee attendance.

On the other hand, we have left the forecast for operating income of 110 billion yen in the black for the year ending March 31, 2014, given the restart of operations at the factory.

In an online interview, Senior Managing Executive Officer Masaharu Kamo said, "The operating rate of factories in the Philippines, which contributed to lowering our business performance, has returned to over 80%. The impact of the new coronavirus on business performance due to cost reductions, etc. We were able to save more than 10 billion yen."