The incorporation of companies registered a strong rebound in June. The end of the state of alarm, the gradual reactivation of the economy and the start of the summer campaign once again breathed entrepreneurial spirit into the Spaniards and unlocked business ideas paralyzed by the coronavirus. According to the INE, 6,733 mercantile companies were created in the month as a whole , 77% more than in May but 9% less than in the same month of the previous year.

However, a more in-depth analysis of the figures allows us to observe how the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis begin to remove the foundations of the Spanish production model. There are, in fact, two economic activities in which the balance of new companies -that is, those created minus those liquidated- is higher than a year ago, while in others the decline continues.

In the first group are commerce and agriculture. The former accounted for 23.5% of the new companies incorporated in Spain in June, when before the pandemic it accounted for 19%. Agriculture is also improving, a sector that has been less affected by the crisis, although the new companies dedicated to the primary sector of the economy account for only 3% of the total.

The third sector that shows an increase in new companies is transport and logistics, an activity that has been strengthened by the confinement of homes and the consequent increase in online shopping and food delivery services in recent months .

In the 'red' part of the table, the hospitality industry remains as badly affected by the crisis. Health protocols and the weakness of tourism led to the balance of new companies created in this sector in July being 30% lower than a year ago.

The other great activity that is losing steam is real estate. The economic collapse anticipates drops in sales and prices in the brick sector that lower the profitability of this activity. Therefore, those who choose to enter the sector today are 18% less than a year ago, although that does not mean that it is still the second largest niche for business creation after trade.

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