client, Beijing, August 12 (Reporter Wu Tao) "80% of the first year of founding Xiaomi is recruiting people", "Betting with Dong Mingzhu is stupid", "Xiaomi will continue to make surging chips", "Xiaomi will return Entrepreneurship, deep participation in manufacturing"...

  On the evening of the 11th, Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary Lei Jun’s speech was held as scheduled. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recalled the entrepreneurial history of the past decade and responded to the concerns of netizens such as whether to continue to do chips and bet with Dong Mingzhu. During the speech, Xiaomi also released three A product of ten years of technology integration.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is giving a speech. Image source: Xiaomi

Recalling the history of entrepreneurship

-80% of the first year is recruiting

  On April 6, 2010, Xiaomi was established. Lei Jun said: Although we had never made a mobile phone at the time, we had a big-minded dream of making the world's best mobile phone at half the price, so that everyone could afford it!

  However, reality soon taught Lei Jun a lesson.

  "In the first year of Xiaomi's business, I spent 80% of my time hiring people." Lei Jun said, the person who impressed me the most, chatted more than 10 times in two months. Looking for someone is not "three visits to the cottage". Gu Maolu". "After being rejected by 10 Google engineers in a row, Hong Feng, the 11th engineer, was recruited."

  "The early supply chain did not take care of Xiaomi, and Xiaomi has absolutely no bargaining power." Lei Jun also revealed that the first generation of Xiaomi is priced at 1999 yuan, but the original expected plan is 1499 yuan.

  "At that time, an employee told me that the cost was'risked', and it was 500 yuan more than planned. I calculated it this way and estimated that it would cost 200 million yuan. Some investors said it was a lesson. I think this lesson is also expensive. , I really can’t afford to lose, and the final price was set at 1999 yuan. But when the price was released, the audience cheered and screamed for half a minute, and I felt relieved that Xiaomi has become."

  In addition, Lei Jun responded to the "hunger marketing" model that Xiaomi was complained about in the early days: Xiaomi's early delivery capabilities were insufficient, and even people who learned Xiaomi misunderstood the Xiaomi model and took "hunger marketing" seriously. The result must not last. In fact, Xiaomi The first generation of mobile phones sold more than 7 million units, which is a miracle.

  Lei Jun also shared the three most memorable moments on the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi. They were: before the IPO, he pushed back the crowd to persuade investors to agree that the comprehensive net interest rate of Xiaomi hardware will never exceed 5%; in 2019, Xiaomi Moved into its own property, Xiaomi Technology Park, "Beijing finally bought a house in 9 years", which was called "the most inspirational story of Beipiao" by the real estate agency; Xiaomi became the youngest Fortune 500 company in the world.

Lei Jun talked about the story behind Dong Mingzhu's 1 billion bet. Image source: Xiaomi

Talk about gambling with Dong Mingzhu about 1 billion yuan

——Dong Mingzhu does not follow the script

  In his speech, Lei Jun also responded to a series of questions that netizens were concerned about, such as the bet with Dong Mingzhu, whether the surging chip is still available, whether the Xiaomi MIX Alpha is mass-produced, and so on.

  Lei Jun said that MIX Alpha is a scientific research project and has successfully completed the pre-research goal. Because mass production is too difficult, I finally decided not to do mass production and concentrate on doing the next generation MIX.

  "Started to make surging chips in 2014, and released the first generation in 2017. Later, I did encounter huge difficulties, but this plan is still going on." Lei Jun said.

  Speaking of the gambling agreement with Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun said that this was his own stupidity.

  "In 2013, we were selected as China's Economic Person of the Year. The director said to us in the background, can you be a little more lively? I said, yes, I bet with Dong Mingzhu and bet 1 yuan. But once on stage, Dong Mingzhu If you want to bet, I would bet 1 billion. I was blinded at the time. Why didn't Mr. Dong follow the script? The 1 billion must suddenly become a social topic."

  Lei Jun said: From now on, Dong Mingzhu paid close attention to Xiaomi, and then I became an internet celebrity. As long as Dong Mingzhu and I showed up, the media would stare at us.

  Lei Jun also laughed at his English proficiency in his speech: Xiaomi is on the road to internationalization, there are ups and downs, and there are joys. In 2015, at the overseas press conference, I was temporarily arranged to greet me. I became the soul singer of station B. I have not returned to China. "Are you" ok" has been on the hot search. From then on, I need to explain everywhere that Wuhan University is a regular university, because I did not learn English well, not because Wuhan University did not teach well.

Xiaomi released Transparent TV. Image source: Xiaomi

Talk about the future development of Xiaomi

——Return to entrepreneurship and deeply participate in manufacturing

  In this speech, Xiaomi released three "super-large cups" of products that have accumulated a decade of technology, namely, Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition, and Xiaomi Transparent TV.

  It is worth noting that Xiaomi Transparent TV, Lei Jun introduced, this is the world's first transparent TV. At the lecture site, Lei Jun stretched out his hand behind the TV, which can still be seen in front of the TV. The TV uses a 55-inch transparent oled screen, a 5.7mm ultra-thin screen, 120Hz refresh rate, and the price is 49,999 yuan.

  Not only is it to release products, Lei Jun also issued Xiaomi's declaration for the next decade, answering "Where will Xiaomi go", and revealing the three major development strategies of Xiaomi in the next decade.

  "Today we are facing a very complex international environment, and at the same time facing an extremely fierce competitive environment. In the next step, if we want to stick to today's results and live on the past performance, there is no doubt that we can't hold it. If we want to continue to ignore , Rushing fiercely, growing extensively, there is no doubt that this road will not work."

  Lei Jun said that in the next ten years, Xiaomi's first strategy is to start a new business, boldly use entrepreneurial talents, boldly use entrepreneurial incentives, and boldly grasp new strategic opportunities.

  The second strategy is to continue to deepen "Internet + manufacturing" and insist on using the Internet to empower manufacturing. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will be deeply involved in manufacturing on the basis of continuing sincere cooperation with foundries.

  According to reports, Xiaomi has already self-developed a large number of high-end equipment, and has designed a fully automated high-end mobile phone production line. In addition, the fund has invested in more than 70 semiconductor and smart manufacturing companies.

  The third strategy is to "develop stability and achieve long-term". Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will take ten years to look at its development, be steady, and do long-term valuable things. "Be friends with time and never venture into it." (Finish)