Japan Government Finance Corporation In July, a large amount of cash-financing loan was added to the new Corona on August 12, 19:24

Japan Finance Corporation has decided to provide 80,000 loans to the companies affected by the new coronavirus last month, for a total of 1.5 trillion yen. Although the loan amount has decreased compared to the previous month, GHLC still says it is at a high level.

In order to support the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the new coronavirus, the government has established a virtually uninterested and unsecured lending system through the Japan Finance Corporation and private financial institutions as an economic measure.

According to GHLC, the total number of loans that we decided last month, including interest-free and unsecured loans, was about 86,000, or about 1.5 trillion yen.

Loans fell 37% compared to the previous month, but GHLC says it is still high.

In addition, “crisis response loans”, which is mainly provided for small and medium-sized enterprises by Commerce and Industry Chukin as an economic measure of the government, fell 14% from the previous month to about 370 billion yen.

The two financial institutions believe that the number of applications for loans may increase again depending on the trends in the number of infected people in the future, so for the time being they will continue to provide telephone consultations, including on holidays.