Employers' organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland want employees to be tested immediately if they have come into contact with corona patients. In this way, the organizations want to prevent employees from having to sit in home quarantine for a long time, because that costs employers a lot of money.

The organizations are afraid that employers will have a hard time due to the mandatory quarantine, because the number of employees who have to stay at home can increase significantly. "Not everyone can do his or her work from home. The bill for this lies with the employer who has to continue to pay the wages. And many companies are already having a difficult time in this crisis," says Jacco Vonhof, chairman of MKB-Nederland.

Vonhof would rather see that only sick employees go into quarantine. "It is nice and well to make this mandatory in certain cases. But those who are not infected do not have to stay at home and can go to work."

He also says that it should be possible for employers to require their employees to undergo a corona test. "When reporting sick, you are not allowed to ask what is wrong with someone and you are also not allowed to ask where someone has been on holiday. That should be different in this exceptional time", says Vonhof.

At the moment, only people with complaints can have themselves tested for the corona virus. According to the RIVM, it is possible to detect the coronavirus with a test in people without symptoms, but a negative test cannot rule out that they are carrying the virus.