[Explanation] On August 12, 45 vehicles loaded with 368,300 masks and 94.9 tons of meltblown cloth, the 75061 China-Europe Express (Xi'an to Milan) special train for epidemic prevention materials, slowly exited from Xi'an Xinzhu Station, all the way west. Sail to Milan, Italy via Alashankou Port.

  [Concurrent] Liu Zhenyu on behalf of the supplier

  The train that everyone sees today is only one part of BYD's supply of epidemic prevention materials to the world, a community with a shared future. What we are sending today is the Italian train. We supply Southeast Asia, North America, and Asia. We must supply enough masks.

  [Explanation] According to reports, in order to ensure the safe and punctual arrival of the special trains for epidemic prevention materials, Xi’an Railway Administration has strengthened coordination and linkage, combined with Xi’an International Port Area and China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. to equip high-quality vehicles, and do a good job in supplying goods, containers, and vehicles. Loading, unloading and transportation are organized to ensure that the epidemic prevention materials are delivered to the destination as quickly as possible.

  The special train for epidemic prevention materials is transported by the China-Europe (Xi'an) public train, which has the advantages of fixed departure time, stable transportation time, and few transportation links. After entering Europe, one reloading operation can be reduced, saving one to two days of reloading and waiting time, and the epidemic prevention materials will reach Milan faster.

  [Concurrent] Ge Fuyi, Deputy General Manager of Xi'an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation Co., Ltd.

  This year, we took a trip to Slawkow, which is called wide-gauge direct (Poland) train. This way, during the entire operation, only one change is needed in the middle, which greatly saves the intermediate There is also the time for reloading and transshipment. The time limit is about 15 days from the original to the current one. It can save about 10 days to 12 days. For such a time, in the entire organization of trafficking, it may only be 15 days to Milan. time.

  [Explanation] In the next two months, there will be thousands of tons of meltblown cloth and tens of millions of masks used in the production of masks, which will be sent from Xi’an to Italy through the China-Europe train to ensure the local stockpile of epidemic prevention materials and contribute to the global fight against the epidemic "Chinese power".

  It is reported that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, China-Europe Express (Xi'an) has transported 1,521 vehicles of 1,2719.6 tons of epidemic prevention materials, providing strong support for the development of international epidemic prevention cooperation.

  Reporter Mei Yitaki Zhang Yuan reports from Xi'an

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