Some of the Geldmaat machines, the joint ATM of the major banks ING, ABN AMRO and Rabobank, will be equipped with a voice support function from Wednesday. This makes it easier for visually impaired people to withdraw money without help from others.

Geldmaat and the Oogvereniging announced this on Wednesday. The large banks are replacing all their own ATMs for the yellow ATMs of Geldmaat, there are now around 1,700 of them, by the middle of next year that should be 5,200.

"Being able to withdraw money themselves, it goes without saying for everyone. However, it is not for people with a visual impairment," says Luuk-Jan Boon of the Eye Association. Thanks to the speech function, withdrawing money independently should become a lot easier for people who cannot see well.

Consumers who wish to withdraw money and take advantage of this feature must plug in an earphone. After that, instructions are given per screen about the actions and options. "In addition, special screens with higher contrast are displayed." The adjusted Money Sizes have been tested by members of the Eye Association and approved.

By the beginning of next year, two thousand of the yellow ATMs should be equipped with the voice function.