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the job market shock from the spread of Corona 19 continued, the number of employed fell for the fifth month. In the face-to-face service industry, the decline was large, and the number of people giving up or taking a break from job hunting increased.

Reporter Hwa Kang-yoon reports.

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July, the number of employed was 27.16 million, down 277,000 from the same month last year.

Since last March, the number of employed has decreased compared to the previous year for five consecutive months.

It is the longest record in 11 years since it declined for eight consecutive months since January 2009 at the time of the global financial crisis.

The number of employed in the lodging and food industry, which has a large proportion of face-to-face contact, decreased by 225,000, and the wholesale and retail business decreased by 127,000.

The employment rate over the age of 15 was 60.5%, down 1 percentage point from the same month last year, the lowest in 9 years since 2011 as of July.

The number of inactive economically active populations increased by 502,000 from last year, the largest since 1999.

Among them, 225,000 people have increased the number of people who are'retired' who do not engage in job search.

[Jeongdongmyeong / Statistics Social Statistics director: 'rested Well, the population has increased by all age groups including 50,000 3,000 people in more than 60,000 8,000 people, 60 3-20 yy]

only also 58 people Jobs dannyeomja 55,000 more than last year.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki said, "The employment situation has been steadily improving since May," and "We will continue our efforts to create jobs and expand the employment safety net."