As the job market shock from the spread of Corona 19 continued, the number of employed people decreased by nearly 280,000 in July.

According to the'July Employment Trends' released by the National Statistical Office today (12th), the number of employed people last month was 27,16,000, down 277,000 from a year ago.

Decreasing for 5 consecutive months following last March (-195,000 people), April (-476,000 people), May (-392,000 people), and June (-352,000 people) is.

The decline in the number of employed for 5 consecutive months is the longest decline in 11 years since the decline for 8 consecutive months in January-August 2009, when the aftermath of the global financial crisis remained.

However, the decline has been decreasing for the fourth month.

The employment rate over the age of 15 was 60.5%, down 1.0 percentage point from the same month last year.

It is the lowest level in 9 years since 2011 (60.2%) as of July.

The employment rate for those aged 15 to 64, compared with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), was 66.0%, down 1.1 percentage points from a year ago.

It is the lowest in 7 years since 2013 (65.4%) as of the same month.

The economically active population was 28,244,000, down 236,000 from the same month last year.

The number of inactive economically active population was 1,6551,000, an increase of 502,000 from the same month last year.

This is the maximum as of July since 1999 when the statistics aggregation standard was changed.

The number of unemployed people increased by 41,000 to 1138,000.

This is the highest since July 1999 (1476,000 people).

The unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage points to 4.0%, the highest since 2000 (4.0%) as of July.