Suspected of manipulating the securities market! The chairman of this company "flashed away" after being investigated! China Securities Regulatory Commission: Fight hard!

  Recently, Jiahua Energy issued an announcement stating that the company’s actual controller and chairman Guan Jianzhong received the "Investigation Notice" issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and was investigated by the Securities Regulatory Commission for suspected market manipulation.

  Immediately following the investigation matter, Guan Jianzhong’s application for resignation was disclosed. After his resignation, Guan Jianzhong no longer holds any position in the company, including the chairman of the company.

Cracking down on market manipulation and other violations of laws and regulations

  The case handling in the first half of the year recently reported by the China Securities Regulatory Commission shows that the actual controller and market institutions manipulate the company’s stock prices from time to time, including the actual controller of Taiyiyun, a company listed on the NEEQ, which meets the conditions of the innovation layer and is filed to push up the company’s stock price. Investigation: The actual controller of a listed company is suspected of using hundreds of securities accounts to boost stock prices to cooperate with the reduction, and illegally earn hundreds of millions of yuan.

  The Securities Regulatory Commission emphasized that the next step will be to fully implement the work requirements of the State Council’s Financial Committee on "zero tolerance" for illegal activities in the capital market, and resolutely and quickly crack down on listed companies’ financial fraud, vicious market manipulation and insider trading and other major violations of laws and regulations. Comprehensive use of multiple investigations in one case, administrative penalties, market bans, compulsory delisting of major violations, criminal accountability, civil compensation and other comprehensive three-dimensional accountability mechanisms to effectively increase the cost of violations, purify the market ecology, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors .

  Source: CCTV Finance (ID: cctvyscj) Comprehensive Securities Regulatory Commission official website

  Producer: Chen Yongqing

  Reporter: Zhang Xinyue