McDonald's has filed a lawsuit against former CEO Stephen Easterbrook. The fast food chain wants money back from the former CEO after an investigation has established that he has had affairs with various employees. And that's against McDonald's policy.

The group filed a claim with the court on Monday, from which this information emerged. Easterbrook was fired at the end of last year because of a relationship with an employee.

The documents filed in court state that Easterbrook withheld information and lied about his wrongdoing. He is said to have had physical sexual relations with three McDonald's employees in the year prior to his discharge.

The former CEO is also said to have awarded one of those three a high bonus in the form of shares, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the time of Easterbrook's dismissal, there was still a non-physical relationship with an employee.

The CEO would receive six months' salary after his retirement, which amounts to about 675,000 dollars. In addition, he would receive another performance bonus. McDonald's now wants to revert to that arrangement because it lied and withheld information.