Dangdang responded to Li Guoqing and Yu Yu being sued by his son: the lawsuit is true, the proportion of the three parties’ equity is 56:24:20

  Chinanews Client, August 10 (Li Jinlei) On the evening of August 9, Li Guoqing said that he received a complaint and that he and Yu Yu were both defendants. The plaintiff is a son and requested the court to confirm the validity of the agreement of Li Guoqing and Yu Yu holding Dangdang shares on his behalf. On August 10, Dangdang issued a statement stating that the relevant lawsuit was true. Regarding the issue of equity distribution, Yu Yu and Li Guoqing had an "in-marriage agreement". The equity ratio of Yu Yu, Li Guoqing and their sons was 56:24:20, and the industrial and commercial changes were made in accordance with this ratio. Dangdang respects the autonomy of the parties’ will, and believes that the law respects honesty and credibility; and will continue to use legal weapons to defend the legitimate rights and interests of the company and all shareholders and protect the normal operation of the company.